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Monday, February 11, 2013

Clam Shell Accessories Case

 Chigu (you might remember her because of this post) has a lot of fashionable rings and she's wearing them beautifully every time I see her. I made a Clam Shell Accessories Case for her as a surprise gift. It is a small container which is made of plastic plates covered with pretty silk fabrics with quilt padding inside. I used a ready-to-go kit (links are at the end of this post), and it was a happy quick project which took only half a day to finish.

 The thing is, when I'm out with her, I often witness that she is stunned, pauses, turns, and then rushes back for looking for her rings that she must have left in the powder room. Or in the airplane. Or anywhere on her path. Most people don't want to wet their costume rings and would take them off when washing hands, do they. Very fortunately, we never saw her actually losing her rings, so far, but I think we have to say that we've been just lucky. I made this thing because she once said that it wouldn't be happening if she had a small accessory case, which is enough easy to manipulate with simple actions, in the bag to keep her rings only while those rings are off duty in the powder room. I utterly agreed with her about the safety device. We can't trust pockets on keeping jewellery because they are the most similar term to black holes, according to my dictionaries.

Thus it was, I made it for her and her rings. I hope it serves her as a small and portable safe box for awhile.


Chigu promptly sent me a photo of the gift with her rings.
She's making me smile!

Pattern: Clover Clam Shell Accessories Case, size Small
Tutorial video for Clam Shell Accessories Case
Fabric: sky blue silk Shantung with embroidery (baby blue another silk Shantung for interior), quilting padding sheet, and chain strap

*I sent her a self-winding reel key chain along with the case so that she can anchor it to the bag with a huge flexibility.