Friday, August 28, 2009

a pair of jeans!


I've got this gorgeous denim a month ago, and since then I couldn't stop thinking about sewing a pair of nice, dark, narrow and well-fitted jeans as one of my autumn outfits.

For me, sewing pants is always a big challenge, I'm not meaning it technically, I mean that, it rarely happens to me that my home-sewn pants fit me perfect AND look nice. There's been something good in my home-sewn pants, but at the same time I always had some points which I needed to pretend not to see. Especially sewing (nice and usable) jeans seemed impossible for me. Retailed jeans always AND completely defeated mine!

Anyway, I didn't expect that my new pair of jeans would be this good, I was sewing hoping them to be considerably nice though. But when I put on them for the first time, I found the fit was perfect and they were also very comfortable. I thought they looked very good too. Wow. I LOVE them! I'm very glad that I didn't give up thinking about home-sewn pants, after those many disappointments! Miraculously, there was nothing for me to adjust in the pattern.

Here I say,
"Someday it will happen! Never stop sewing until encountering your pair!!"




pattern: skinny jeans for stretch material from pumila (Japanese internet pattern shop)

fabric: thick stretch denim, deep indigo, cotton/polyurethane, about 1.48m x 1.4m
other: zipper, button, and thicker thread & needle for denim sewing

I've changed the piping pockets w/ flaps on the back to the common patch pockets.
I lengthened the legs by 2cm too.


  1. Congratulations on your jeans, Yoshimi!
    The fitting is so perfect and your legs looks like they go on forever!

  2. Woooohooooo! You have FOUND your Tried and True (T'n'T) jeans pattern. It's like the Holy Grail and now you can keep it always and make many more pairs in the future with little variations on the style and always have lots of great-looking pants!!!
    Thanks for that Pumila link too- I'm always finding out about cool pattern companies from you!

  3. Those pants are awesome! Too bad it's in Japanese! My behind never looks quite right in home sewn pants but I'll keep working on it!

  4. wow, these are great, fit you perfectly!

  5. The pants are fantastic.
    Those shoes are divine (drool) and I am loving that beige top too...
    Can I pretty please have your wardrobe??

  6. Great jeans and the top stitching looks perfect. It takes a lot of patience to make many jeans but now that hard work is done the next few pairs should be much easier. Www.Denimio.Com


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