Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks so much, EmilyKate, for awarding me with this Kreativ Blogger Award. I normally write only about sewing and my thoughts of sewing, but today I'd like to share seven things about myself which you might not know.

1. I'm allergic to mushrooms.
 I was taking the tablets which contained very concentrated extract from Agaricales Grifola (a kind of mushroom) as a dietary supplement when I was around 20 years old. Taking too much one ingredient can cause allergy, of course, and I'm now heavily allergic to any mushroom. Sigh.

2. I was a motocross racer.
 Before starting my scientific carrier, I was racing and jumping around on the muddy course. I have to confess that I wasn't that fast in the races. To confess more, I'm seriously short of the competitive spirit. Generally, I am not interested in winning and seldom jealous. My angry manager once told me to never try to let anybody get ahead of me in the race. It seems a very reasonable advice, but please take it differently. I was a stupid rider who was most likely to move to the unexpected direction for giving them a way intentionally to let them pass (because they looked so eager to go), and then crushed oneself off the course (if you are concentrated going ahead, you wouldn't go "off" the course). I wanted to be faster because it was fun, but not because I wanted to win. I was rather good on the course alone, but hopeless in the race.
 I analyze that this is also why I'm not a promising scientist either. I am not willing to beat other competitors. I do love participating in some role in science to understand a tiny bit of the real truth of universe, and that's all I need (but it's not enough to make a life as a professional scientist of course). I have failed in many aspects in my life with this deficient and inner-directed character of mine, but I am always happy with myself even in the games I was losing. And if I don't need to enter the competition, I'd be even happier. However, at the same time, I know it just sounds that I'm always giving myself a good excuse to be lazy and preparing to be a loser. So I rarely tell this feeling to others.
 Sewing is a spotlessly complete joy for me, because I can be good and satisfy myself with the results but I don't need to win over anybody to carry on.

3. I love to stay and sit beside my washing machine, looking at it tumbling.
 It's relaxing.

4. I once had wanted to be a hacker.
Do you remember the line "It's a UNIX system. I know this..." in Jurassic Park?
I'm not arguing with you about whether it was actually UNIX or not, but I tell you that I once wished to be very familiar with computer programming and scripts. I thought she was pretty cool to be able to say so in this critical situation.

5. I know the blackmailer.
She anonymously kept writing her thoughts to me (personally), about my ugly appearances at my former Japanese sewing blog that I closed two weeks ago. I didn't let her know that I had known it was her because I wasn't too kind. However, I think I'm not suppressing it any longer. No, I'm not starting a girly argument, I just want to state that I don't quit or start anything with her reason, including this blog. (She wrongly thought she made me quit my former blog, and then she requested me to close all my other accounts in the sewing communities too.)
 I hope it sounds amusing for you and surprising for R.

6. My husband and I only have wedding anniversaries once four years, in the olympic years.
When we got married long time ago, I had to wear this traditional but hideous outfit by the request of my mother-in-law. It wasn't for wedding, it was just for a photoshoot, though. I was being dressed by the two of Kimono experts, in this old photo.

7. I have a husband who happily clapped his hands with his joy saying "OH. You got the EXTRA bonus nemesis points!", reading a blog post from Selfish Seamstress.
 I don't know if he understands English. Or is it me who can't read the message. By the way, she is a truly lovely lady. (of course this is a challenge.)

According to the rules, I should now nominate seven blogs that I feel deserve this award.
Although there are many creative bloggers who I'd love to read their stories, I'd like to announce less than seven this time. I am usually too shy to leave a comment when I visit their blogs. I just don't want to surprise them by leaving my first-ever comment which brings this award!

The creative people who get my award are
Karin: a very active and stylish seamstress with full of beautiful sewing idea,
Carolyn: who brings most pleasant breeze by her beautiful photographs with her lovely wardrobe,
Elaine: who always knows what to do for the best result in sewing, and also a brilliant and sensible writer with the greatest sense of humor.

The Rules
1. Copy/paste the Kreativ Blogger Award picture onto your blog
2. Thank the person who awarded it to you and post a link to her/his blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself we might not know
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award
5. Link to them
6. Notify your 7 bloggers of their award


  1. I've just discovered your blog through the selfish seamstress, and I just have to say bravo. I think this is very cool

  2. I too am here via the selfish seamstress--love your blog!

  3. This is amazing-- you were a motocross racer??? I would never have guessed it from the ladylike outfits! Thank you for the nomination, I'm honored!

    [And as a side not: Your #5 is one of the best things I've ever seen on one of these blog award things :) Take that, R!]

  4. congrats! You 100% deserve the award. ;)
    Don't believe anything mean anyone says about you, you're a fantastic seamstress (we're all jealous) and adorable besides.
    Best of luck, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Ah, thank you so much, I am honored!
    And it was a very pleasant surprice indeed to find your first comment in my blog :-).
    You have a blackmailer? Another surprise...
    I will try to make a Kreativ-post soon, I would really like to (I'm the worst at keeping my own secrets, I rather like sharing them), I'm in the middle of a busy week though so only if I nead a break in front of the computer, otherwise I will post it next week!

  6. Yep, I'm here too because of the Selfish Seamstress. And I like what I see! You've made so much and shown much on this blog. I'm curious to what you will make and show next! Good luck with sewing!

  7. Thankyou Yoshimi! I am flattered and honoured to be chosen by you, who I find so inspiring! I agree with the SS that you are elegant and beautiful and your clothes you sew are superbly finished and photographed...
    A blackmailer? Wow...
    The photo of you in the magnificent traditional kimono above is very special and I'm thinking how wonderful for you to show us this unique and beautiful Japanese custom, you must be very proud.

  8. You're full of surprises, Yoshimi!
    It's cool imagining you in a motocross race! I was often told that I don't have enough ambition or not working hard enough to earn success. But hey, maybe we just have different perception of success ^.^
    And yeah, take that, R!

  9. I loved reading this Yoshimi! Motocross! Who knew!
    I had a similar experience with mushies actually- tried to make myself like them by eating a whole bag, but made myself violently ill instead and couldn't so much as think about a mushroom for literally years. I can eat them again now though.
    A blackmailer! That IS pretty hilarious actually!

  10. Wow, that was surprising, a racer! I think, not being competitive is okay, is the knowledges that the most important. Just be happy with what you do, and share it with the one you love. Keep sewing!

  11. I just discovered your blog via Selfish - I'm so impressed by your work and your beautiful window - is that Mount Fuji???? Lucky! Love your sewing and blog. Charming and precise

  12. this is the best '7 things' meme I've ever read :o)

    Your sewing is very inspiring and I'm glad that the selfish seamstress pointed me back here again.

  13. This is a very creative insightful 7 things. I found your blog just before the Selfish Seamstress, so completely understood everything she said about your sewing talent! You actually completely articulated in #2 a really interesting explanation of some scientific career paths. Very enlightening. Like you, I mostly enjoy uncovering some truth. And sharing it with others. I am competitive with myself, not others. It's OK. I guess we all find the right kinds of paths for these personal qualities. Sewing is a perfect hobby for this -- always trying to get better and out-do previous work.

  14. wow. motocross? nemesis? if this award is a challenge, you WIN.


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