Sunday, March 14, 2010


In my last fabric shopping, I bought a flowerly rayon georgette and some other fabrics.
The rayon fabric was (and still is) 140cm wide and 120cm long. I could make a blouse or a skirt from it but I..... made it a scarf.
Technically, I didn't have any stitch on it nor did anything, but it was called fabric yesterday, and is now a scarf today, because I made it so.


Don't you think it's lovely on the neck, rather than being a mumsy blouse!

(Excuse me for my funny posing in the picture, I usually try to look aimless, on purpose, in the pictures for my creations. I would like to look nicer in them even with head-less state because I'd show them to you and everyone, but it's more important for me to keep them recorded under controlled condition in an honest way, as "data". That's why you see me standing in the same way every time. Ha-ha, as they are data to me, I shouldn't smile or jump in the pics. I jumped (and smiled) because I went shopping with my husband today and ... I was *technically* happier than my usual photo sessions, well, I suppose.)

To save my reputation from being too lazy, I show you that I sometime stitch my handmade scarves.
These are scarves I made a long time ago. (These may just prove that I'm getting lazier than I was before...)
080919 DIY scarf-2
080919 DIY scarf-1

Their sizes
Leaf&flower patterned silk satin:
(baby hemmed by machine) 88cm x 88cm square (34 5/8" x 34 5/8")
Ice Blue with orange flower patterned silk georgette:
(baby hemmed by hand) 32cm wide x 132cm long (12 5/8" x 52")
Red flower-patterned rayon georgette: 140cm wide x 120cm long (55 1/8" x 47 1/4")

pure raw edges on a lazy sewist

Sorry no-sew sewing!
(Good thing is that I still can make something from it when I get better idea!)


Thank you for your comments!!