Tuesday, January 25, 2011

simply maxi

Why do I look this grumpy in the photo? Because the place wasn't bright enough for the photographs and I needed more sunshine. And because I also knew I was carrying numberless creases on my tummy. But in my heart, I had a grin because I like my latest result secretly.

One day I was sitting at home and looking at ELLE online Japan, and saw a off-duty runway model wearing a black gauze-looking gathered maxi skirt with a very plain copper brown boat neck pullover. Her outfit could be described as too simple, but I found that she looked absolutely gorgeous and very up to date. The photograph made me try what I've never tried before in my life... a maxi skirt.

After a long thought, my skirt became very different from the one that inspired me, but I say it's OK. In the end, I decided to make it deliberately boring. The skirt is way too long to deny it's funny anyway, and I wanted everything about it, except the length, to be very simple and silent. I may have thought differently and chose a bold flowery fabric if it were summer. But at the moment, I liked it calm.

UK buttons

I also sewed a set of turtle neck and cardigan in peach pink. The fabric I used for them is very thin and delicate wool jersey, and because it causes thousands of creases like gills of mushrooms, I know it looks very NOT nice through the camera lens. Ah... I'm not happy with the pictures at all, but what can I do? That said, the creases are not so disturbing in the real life (probably because I rarely look at my self in the real life...haha) and actually I really love this twin set on me. The color brighten up my eyes and I like the effect.

Forget the creases!

Maxi skirt
pattern: Simplicity 9017 Misses' Two-Piece Dress in Three Lengths (I assume it's vintage, I don't know what vintage exactly means, though.)
gifted from lovely EmilyKate in our swapping

size 14, Maxi-Length skirt
Bias tape binding on the waistline, waistband omitted, lined, back zipper moved to the left side.
Cut 5cm at hem to shorten.
fabric: slightly felted wool jersey, bodied and slightly heavy. Stretches moderately.

Turtle neck + Cardingan
turtle neck pattern: basic ladies cut&sewn from Pumila
sleeves were lengthened (about 5cm).
cardigan pattern (T shirt pattern): Fujiko top from TAMANEGI-KOBO (PDF)
sleeves were lengthened (about 7-10cm). Grosgrain ribbons on the wrong side of the plackets

Talk to you soon,

on the walk


  1. Your skirt looks fabulous on you!

  2. This is a wonderful colour combination for you! Lovely!
    And I like the wrinkles; they make a nice textural contrast with the smoothness of the skirt.

  3. Vintage in this case simply implies a style from the past. The 1920's, 30's, 40's, and in the case of a maxi skirt, 70's. You did a wonderful job and the color combination is subtle but arresting.


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