Monday, June 3, 2013

May is Over

May is always a hectic month in a year to me. I happen to have everything "annual" in this month, without any reasons. Naturally I didn't sew much in this May and thus have no new sewing to tell. Said that I'm going to write some today for the links that I'd love to mention here.

May 3, theme Friday: water

1. My Flickr Album for Me-Made-May'13
I had the Me-Made-May challenge again and it was great to participate, as always. The number of participants this year was rather overwhelming, and thus it was difficult to get to know all of them. But, hey, I tried to be active as much as I could. I've had many conversations with lovely people, which was really really really great. I felt that, I sew only for myself, yet sewing is always there for everyone.
I collected my photographs of this year's challenge in a set of Flickr Album. You can visit to see the photos from this link.

2. Our New Photo Blog
One day, Carolyn from Handmade by Carolyn told me about her interesting idea which turned into our new photo blog. "photo maisonette" is our new space to have photographs from our daily life. The plan is that each of us post one photograph a day. This is a one-year project to archive our lives and surroundings through the lens. You can imagine two friends, who live very apart yet similarly have passions for sewing, are going to share this virtual maisonette. I'm sure Carolyn is going to write about it in her blog soon, too. Please visit her blog for better explanations, stay tuned!

You're always very welcome to drop in our place to see what's going on with us, and I wish there you feel our world is connected to yours as well, in a wonderful way. In "photo maisonette", there is neither texts for the photographs or comment section. What you can do is simply to look at some accumulating slices of life of two hobby sewists. I hope you find it interesting. By the way, I watched a great documentary film about Bill Cunningham yesterday, finally, and would recommend it to anyone who loves fashion.


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  1. Oh,that is a wonderful idee. I'm glad to see your work.

  2. I have signed up to your new blog. I am looking forward to seeing what life is like in two countries so different to my own!

  3. I loved seeing all your May garments and the lovely photos that you shared with us all. I look forward to following you and Carolyn on "photo maisonette".

  4. I look forward to seeing little snippets life through the eyes of fellow sewists. Great idea.

  5. I have to admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed and disconnected from MMMay flickr group this year because it was so big, and also because I was busier than usual. I am finally getting time to go back through all the photos now. Maybe I'll look at them all by MMMay 14!

    I will follow your new maisonette; I love looking at any creative output from you, Yoshimi!

  6. You make beautiful me mades Yoshimi! Thanks for the inspiration. Lovely pictures as well.

  7. I love the upstairs and downstairs pictures - so fun!

  8. I lvoe the twist detail on your new tank, and the colours are gorgeous! I just read about your new blog on Carolyn's blog and it's such a great idea, I look forward to following along!


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