Friday, May 21, 2010

dress (1 piece Kimono Tee)


With some encouraging comments, I decided to explore my borders to the stripy world. I mean, after posting this T shirt I received some comments that I should not be hesitating but could be happier with wearing more of bolder/brighter stripes. I took their words very reasonable, and I've been feeling to try ever since. Recently, I happened to get (this is a funny expression though, we all know I bought it) this fabric, and I convinced myself that it was the time.

1 piece Kimono Tee dress
1 piece Kimono Tee dress
BurdaStyle 1 piece Kimono Tee

Thanks pixelink, for sharing such a simple and pretty pattern. I love it very much!

I made a dress from the tee pattern, by just lengthening it without any width alteration. I also added some rows of elastic shirring at low waist, for blousing the top half of the dress. It was so quick! (FYI: I cut the front and back body parts separately because of those stripes to match, so it's no longer 1 piece but I'd name it "1 piece Kimono Tee dress" with my deepest respect.)

I am very happy with how it turned out. I think the pattern went very well with the stripes. Great thing is that I feel happy in it too!

I tell you this. I feel that I need to tell it every now and then.
I'm always most grateful to you for your feedback, encouragements, advices and all. I love the fact they make me sew. They encourage me to be better. Better in many ways, including a stripy way.
Thank you!!



  1. That's a great dress, you look beautiful!

  2. Yoshimi, this is beautiful! I love the stripes and I think the colors look great on you! It also looks very comfortable. A great dress to put on when you feel sluggish in the morning because it will instantly cheer you up! And get you lots of compliments!

    Good work!

  3. I agree, it is so nice to get encouraging comments!
    Your dress looks lovely. Well done! And that necklace is so beautiful!

  4. go yoshimi, go!
    btw, this dress kawaii des!

  5. Aww...very nice and simple tee! Love it and you did great usual!


Thank you for your comments!!