Saturday, May 15, 2010

so far so good

Zoe is organizing the fabulous Me-Made-May project, in which you pledge to construct your outfits with your Me-Made garments all through the month, May. I witnessed her own successful Me-Made-March project on her blog, and then was excited to read that she was going to organize the similar project in May as well, asking anybody to join with her. I thought it was very nice idea for every sewist to have such ruled period, a month to try as much as possible staying on the side of own sewn garments, because it would reveal how much one is doing well or not well on building a wardrobe by self-deed. It would become clearer what items would be better in the list for future projects. I know that not all of us are sewing for the purpose of building a wardrobe, but I believe that we all love our own successful results which are lovely and wished to appear on so many occasions. I think we need to research what to sew, once in a long period.

Also, as I had never checked my outfit of a single day as a part of whole month's, I thought that keeping a record a day for making a big picture would give me clues for the better and wiser clothing.

...And now,

is the time for you to laugh at me writing such a great thing about the project and having not joined it.

And it's all my fault.
I solely doubted if it could be possible for me to dress myself in Me-Made garments without any of store-bought garment in May, because I loved my Not-Me-Made cardigan collection so much. They are my shields and second skins. I didn't think I'd survive without them. I could have a choice that I was going to try to wear Me-Made garments as much as possible allowing exception of a piece of store-bought (obviously, one of cardigans), because that was still enough challenging to me. However, I was coward. I was stupid, stubborn, and inflexible. Thus I failed to overcome the fear of failure.
I promised myself to prepare for the next time in full scale, and it was the best that I could do.

So. Nonetheless.
I have been recording my outfit of the day, secretly, since May started.
As I haven't made any pledge, I allow myself to wear whatever this time.

Having a half month with 15 pictures, I've noticed that it's great to check and see how I tend to dress and how much I am doing well with Me-Made garments, even without a pledge. I was believing that I wore my cardigans every day without exception, but I see myself in them only once in three days (ha!). I also realized that I'm doing OK-ish in a whole package, even though I've been always moaning in each morning that I have no right clothes for the day. Hopefully, at the end of May, I will confidently distinguish a group of clothes that are actually useful and lovely on me from others that are sitting in my closet for making wardrobe just look bigger. From the picture, I see I may better wear more of nice colors (ask me what "nice" means three years later because I don't know yet) too. This research can be more beneficial than looking at others dressed in the fashion magazines...

I really regret not having joined the project.
If there were a pledge declared and I could achieve the goal in the end of the month, I'd be feeling so very great as well as getting so much reward from the accomplishment. See? I should be more flexible and work harder on myself. Otherwise, a damn slow progress.

Thus I failed. But I am doing so far so good, in this May.

How are you doing?




  1. Yoshimi, I have done the same thing. Ihaven't stuck to just made-by-me, but have tried to photograph most outfits. I haven't blogged about it yet. Perhaps I will. I also thought it would be good to keep a record of what else is needed to fill out the wardrobe. I have found it has made me a bit more daring in what I wear too. You have some lovely outfits in your collage.

  2. You are such a stylish dresser! I love your daily outfit choices, and I agree it is very helpful to look back over one's daily choices and see the pictorial evidence of what really suits yourself...
    I wear at least one me-made garment every day, although I mix them with not-me-made garments too.
    I take my own photo about 3-4 times a week, because I'm frightened of boring people who read my blog with too many pictures of me, but paradoxically other peoples' outfit posts are always my favourite blog posts to look at!!

  3. I enjoy your daily pictures and you are an inspiration for me to attempt sewing my own clothes! Thanks!

  4. I look forward to your 2nd part ! Your gallery is great and I love your idea of recording your daily outfit. I wouldn't have been able to do the me-made-may either, because I love my cardigans too much, and my jeans too.

  5. These are lovely! You should join late - Zoe seems wonderful and I am certain she would love to have you on board. You did far better than I did--I think I took part for about a week before calling it quits.

  6. Hi Brooke, thank you for your encourage about belated joining to MMM. It may be possible, but I think I need some punishment for being this sluggish on deciding something important! By the way, I hope you are enjoying your tour!


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