Wednesday, June 30, 2010

miscellaneous sewing


I have some bits and pieces of sewing that I'd like to record, so I'm going to show you some photographs of my recent miscellaneous regardless of your interest! hahaha

Thai pants yoshimi's interpretation
*click the photographs to enlarge

I've made four pairs of those pants in different fabrics as my gifts for four of my friends. I already owned a pair of store-bought short Thai pants, and I basically eye-copied and cloned them. The recipients were the winners of a certain game which I organized, and I wanted to treat them with something funny but something you wouldn't expect to get as a prize.
I bought some African wax-printed fabrics that were made in France, sewed them into Thai pants, and suggested the winners to use the pants when they're doing Indian yoga exercises. Very international, don't you think?

*This picture is a part of the instructions showing how to put the garment, which I made for my friends.

Duffy the Disney Bear, The World Cup edition

I've made a football costume for my daughter's bear.
We visited Tokyo DisneySea and my daughter took her Duffy with her on the day. It might make you think that my daughter is an infant who cuddles her teddy bear all day, but I tell you this, she is a teenager who has no such habit. I know it sounds weird if you don't know what is happening there, but now it's trendy for youngsters to bring back and show off one's own Duffy to Tokyo DisneySea to make the day even more exciting. I think the trend is mentally similar to going to the football match, with wearing the replica uniform of your favorite team to show your passion. So I made a fun of it.

**Sadly we lost the game today, but this is exactly how the World Cup is for most nations, anyway.

Big Funny T shirt, a faux painter lookalike

And I've made this funny T shirt designed by me. Believing or not, I quite like this result. I intended to make it very wide, funny, pretty, casual, clean, different and eccentric. I'm happy that my hobby is sewing, because I can sew whatever I'd love to wear. I am also unhappy that I occasionally need to ascertain that I myself have no talent to design pretty clothes, like I did confirm it with this white big sloppy handmade T. (I still love it though.)

Happy and FUN sewing to you all!

P.S. I've purchased one of Vogue dress patterns today. I'm so excited and also a bit scared, because I've never used Vogue patterns except one jersey top. I have completely no idea how this project turns out. Wish me luck!


  1. oh that little costume & EVERYTHING you make is FABULOUS! a great inspiration!!


  2. Well, I love that "funny" t-shirt a lot! It looks great!

  3. ooohh i have those type of pants too!! :D they're great for lounging around since they're so comfy! :)

    Animated Confessions

  4. I quite like your tshirt, and it doesn't look at all big and sloppy. It's unstructured :)

    That Vogue pattern will be a piece of cake for you. Sometimes the directions have you do one thing, but if you know better - do it your way. Can't wait to see it!

  5. Okay first off I have to confess, I visit your blog almost everyday but usually do not comment. So please know that even if I don't say it, I am loving what you make and what you write.

    Second, I have no doubt that you will do well with the Vogue pattern. You already know how things go together AND you read and understand English.

    I have some issues of Lady Boutique and one of Mrs. Style. I will need to be a lot smarter in order to actually used them, however as I only speak and read English!

    Love your blog, girl.

  6. Love the things you made, and I can imagine the Vogue pattern would turn out very nice for you. Thanks for the link. And we bought our elder daughter a Duffy Bear too last December when we visited Disney Sea. My two girls both love your bear's outfit.


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