Monday, July 12, 2010

My sewing machine is under service.

My Bernina virtuosa153 has been away for nearly a week, because it was something wrong with electrical connection at the plug socket (of the machine).

At first I thought there was a disconnection in the cable and it would be OK if I bought a new cable, but it was not the case. I didn't expect that I was going to leave my machine in the shop for fixing right then, at all, but I had no choice. Suddenly I had to become a machineless lady (if you have a such word). Although I was trying not to let them know my feeling, I think they sensed that I was greatly upset and sad. And they kindly offered this miserable woman a spare Bernina 130 that she could borrow as long as she wanted, for free. I thought it was very very kind of them. I thought I could sew as usual too.

However, the funny part of the story is that the machine from the sewing machine shop is THE ONE that REALLY needs a maintenance.

I can get a line of nice stitches with the machine occasionally, but most of the time, I need to unpick the whole stitches because they look odd and often skipped. The machine is not broken (I assume), but it seems abandoned too much for too long. I found so much dust and dirt, but no trace of oil in it. What I am doing right now with most of my spare time is cleaning this machine. Ha-ha-ha. They install a new plug in my machine and I clean their machine. I'm pretty amused by this stupid situation, though I don't think they have let me borrow the machine to make me clean it for saving me from boredom. I know they offered me this out of great kindness.

So, I am compensating my feeling by jersey sewing using my other machine, a BabyLock serger, when I get bored with cleaning the sewing machine shop's Bernina. I still need to do some straight stitches on jersey occasionally and I am using this funny cleaning-unfinished one with a big struggle every time, and it makes me laugh loudly. It is almost amusing how a proper nice sewing machine from a reliable sewing machine shop is this low.... maintained. I hope they will clean it in a professional way and find a new owner who loves sewing. I need my beloved machine back ASAP too. My husband must be thinking that I went insane lately because of my weird sudden laughing into the outer space.

What I got here is a T shirt. It has a lovely pair of ruffles on the shoulders. The fabric is a soft and thin jersey from Liberty. The pattern is 7Frair from anneeduex* and a PDF download (I've changed the shape of the ruffles slightly). I think 7Frair is a brilliant top pattern which has a very right fit with a hint of elegance.

I have nothing spectacular to tell you today. Terribly sorry, everybody. I hope all of you and your equipments are doing well and healthy!

Love, love,


  1. I am without my regular machine, too. I also got a loaner from the dealer - an Activa 210. Luckily my loaner is working well, but I can't wait to get my own machine back. If I could get the Activa for under $400, I might buy it as a second machine.

  2. I too have virtuosa 153. I cannot begin to imagine what you must be suffering. I hope the dust bunnies in the loan machine keep you laughing into outer space for long enough, till you get your machine back.

  3. Yoshimi,

    Good luck with your maintenance!! I love your posts, as I'm always going on in my comments:) That's too funny re: the sewing machine shop loaner machine. How ironic.

    Being an American, I would let them know (after thanking them profusely) - that their machine could be fine tuned a bit more! Well, I think I would anyway (it's a delicate subject). It does make me wonder if that would be against your cultural norms in Japan. For example, I taught a class in Japan and got the best critiques I've ever received (but I think they are just being polite).

    I love your knit top - it is making me even more obsessed to find some Liberty fabric!! I can't believe I can't find any (and I live in Los Angeles!).


  4. Sorry about the sewing machine situation...not fun! I love the T-shirt, very cute with the ruffles!
    (By the way, I just started reading your blog a few weeks back so this is my first comment, but I'm really enjoying reading about your sewing projects!)

  5. Cute, cute, cute Tee! Sorry your baby's out for repair. I'm sure you'll be happy when the two of you are reunited. In the meantime, make a few more tee's---they're really great on you:)


  6. Your T-shirt is beautiful! Such pretty fabric...
    I'm sorry about your sewing machine, and sympathise. I would go spare without my machine too. Once my machine needed some work, and the lady at the shop could see how anxious I was (I was halfway through a dress for an Important Occasion), and wrote "urgent, please give top priority" on my order, and rang me two days later to let me know it was finished! I was thrilled at how kind and understanding they were!

  7. I just found your blog recently and really like all your sewing projects. This blouse is so pretty and the sleeves add something special. About the loaner machine, try using a new needle. When I have skipped stitches it is usually because the needle is dull.

  8. Thank you for your kind comments!
    I'm not sure if I will discuss the condition of the loaner with them... I am not a such type of polite person (I am rude yesyesyes) but I'm assuming that they don't care of its condition anyway. If I have to know the machine is to be abandoned for good, it will make me sad. I know it sounds stupid though. I even start to think if I could ask them to hand(sell) it to me now.... oh I am rude, stupid and crazy now. Thank you everybody, again.
    >Lucette, you are absolutely right about the needle. Thank you for your kind words but I've tried new needles of many types as well as re-threading, re-assembling of rotating hooks, dusting, cleaning etc etc. I think it needs a professional removal of metal staining in the rotating compartment. I don't want to break it, so I am doing practically nothing but wiping it at the moment.

  9. This is a lovely top! I adore Liberty prints.



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