Monday, August 23, 2010

linen jersey and pretty accessories

I sewed a top in a white beige linen jersey for the coming season using Vogue 8581. I have been thinking of making some pullovers in such style for my sister for some time, and it was a muslin kind of sewing to check the possibility of the pattern.

vogue 8581
I used a small piece of very soft and slightly slack-ish linen jersey for this test. In the process, I needed to reduce the amount of gathers on the neckline along with the width of bodice and sleeves significantly because of my limited source of material. You may wonder whether there is any meaning in a muslin when I change things too much without any theory before checking default, and I sincerely agree with you. It was nonsense!

But in reality, I managed to find some sense here, I mean that it turned out not so bad, including the amount of the reduced gather around neckline in this fabric as well as the flabbiness of the sleeves.

OK, I like this. My sister would like this too.

A meaningless rehearsal, done.
note: accidentally successful

Another small reason why I wanted to make it in this fabric was that I wished to have a top for those necklaces. The one with white pearls and pretty stones is my most favorite one, but because it is very delicate and gorgeous at the same time, I don't get many chances to put it on unless I choose my outfit carefully. If I dress very dressy for it, I'd look badly over dosed (dressiness-wise). For me it's also a special one because it was a gift from my husband, for celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary on this year's February. I wanted a courageously wide necked plain top that would go well with it, and I chose this light colored and not-too-feminine slack(I used this word twice because I love mocking myself for fun, even though the fabric was beautiful, just in case) linen jersey for my plan.

I love the result, because now it doesn't look too dressy on me with the blouse.

In case you are interested in the exquisite selection of pretty stone accessories and also you are living in Japan, please drop by "nanagatsu", to have a look at my dear friend Natsuko's work.
nanagatsu accessories

By the way, do you worry about the bra straps which are trying to peep out from your wide neckline? Do you know why I look this fearless with this wide neckline? I put a set of ribbons with closing snaps on the blouse. I don't know how we call them actually, "Shoulder Strap Fasteners", perhaps? In my country, they can be purchased at sewing material suppliers. I do recommend them if you are needing more security on your shoulders. FYI.

If you are one of PR members, you can find my review for this top here as well.
(I don't paste the review here, because I wrote too long and a bit unfocused today and I know it made you sleep with laying your face on your keyboard. Please do not catch a cold, dear!)

Have a great week!


  1. It looks lovely on you! What a wonderful idea to use jersey for this style. Thanks for the inspiration. And you are right, it has just the right amount of classic casual to go with your accessories :)

  2. The shoulder strap fasteners are genius! I think it's possible to DIY some with ribbon and press studs. Thanks for sharing and your sewing and style is impeccable as usual!

  3. I love the idea of adding strap fasteners. A great idea for wide neck tops.

  4. I really love this blouse. The colour, the drape, it's gorgeous on you. And very pretty in combination with the necklace indeed!

  5. This is so pretty. And you're right, it does showcase the necklace very well. :)

  6. Beautiful top! I think your necklace looks so nice with it too. And your expression of falling asleep with your face on your keyboard makes me laugh!! (Don't worry, I didn't fall asleep, and didn't even find this long to read. Maybe it was the nice pictures)

  7. That top is wonderful! I love it on you - especially paired with the worn jeans!! And what great tips regarding the fasteners - I'm in Alaska visiting but as soon as I get home to California - I'm going to find these!!

  8. I've never heard of linen jersey before...
    This top is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Love the slouchy casual feel of this top. Great work, I always love your posts.

  10. What a beautiful top! You always make and style the most wonderful pieces! You definitely know what looks good on you and what you are comfortable in. I know that "Shoulder Strap Fasteners" can be made, but I hope Pammie finds out where we can buy them and lets us all know!

    Fran G

  11. Oh, how I wish I could find pre-made bra strap keepers (I think that is what we call them in the US). I hate making them, but they are most useful. Love this simple top!

  12. Lovely top! I love the bra strap fastener idea. I've never made them, but really should! If I ever find them in L.A., I will post ASAP!

  13. Thank you very much for your kind comments on my top! <333 And hey, let's call them "bra strap keepers" from now on, since it was coined by a silly sewist (Thank you, The Slapdash Sewist! You are cool!) I didn't know those pre-made ones are hard to find in the US (probably and also in some of other countries), but if you find them at your local stores (or on the internet), could I ask you to post it in your blogspace, to make all of your readers happy? I'll be happy too.

  14. I LOVE this and will probably have to make one for myself now because one look at this boho chic loveliness set all the 'desire' bells ringing! The jewelry is perfect. I love your blog. You have great style.

    - Janie (Catbird on PR)

  15. What an awesome post. No, I did not fall asleep on my keyboard so no key marks on my face. I do love your blouse and the photos and the necklaces.

  16. Wow, just loved the white blouse!!



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