Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my white linen dress


Though I already had enough dresses for summer, I sewed another one. It was my wish that I sew a little white summery dress for myself for this summer. I had no particular idea or wish for the style of it, but I wanted it very plain and very comfortable. I have been saving an enormous number of images of white dresses from everywhere on my desktop screen to make myself ready for the project since March, but nothing had happened until I got my first vogue 2900 dress.

To be correct, my brain-hibernating-in-summer-instead-of-winter suddenly woke up and started working after the dress. I mean, the pattern inspired and kinda convinced me that it would make a great white summery dress. I ran and pulled out a linen from my stash and had a go before too late. It didn't make me have a "little" dress though (it's rather BIG), I really like the result and feel that my wish comes true. Yes, yes, yes.

OK it's time for hibernation, again.
I'll talk to you when the first cool breeze comes!

Take care and Happy sewing!


Pattern Description:
Dresses A, B have bodice with angled seams, yoke and side front pockets, invisible zipper closing. A: edgestitch finishing. B: ribbon trim finishing. A, B: flared skirt with narrow hem. I chose style A.

Pattern Sizing:
A(6-8-10), D(12-14-16), FW(18-20-22)
I used size8. According to the size chart I should make size12, however, I knew that size8 of this dress in Style B fit me well, I cut in two sizes smaller, and it was successful. Considering that I tend to like narrower ease on most dresses, I think size12 of this dress is too big to my measurements generally after a sequence sewing of two dresses from this pattern.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes, sort of.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes. I sewed it in my way though. I like installing invisible zippers in the earlier step than the last step that was suggested in the instructions.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like the long skirt of the dress, and the deep slash of the front neckline. I'm not fond of the low waist style generally, but I think it's one of the charms that the pattern has. I don't think I can raise the waistline too much, as long as I'd like to keep the loveliness that the designer wanted to achieve in this dress pattern. I placed an invisible zipper on the left side, instead of having it on the back, because I prefer to avoid a string of hard material along the center back of my dress. I don't count it as a dislike though.

Fabric Used:
Plain woven white linen. Soft, hanging, giving a slight bouncy feeling. Not so transparent, can be worn as a single layer.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I have put the invisible zipper on the left side, instead of putting it in the back. I cut Bodice Back(4), Back Neck Facing(10), Skirt Front(12), Skirt Back(17), Yoke Back(19) and Yoke Front B(20) "on fold". I used "petite" lines for shortening all of the bodice parts, although I'm not petite(166cm) or short-waisted.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I'm not sure if I sew another one soon, but it's because I've made two of these dresses for this summer, already. Yes, I recommend the pattern, it makes pretty dresses!

Because I loved the first dress that I made from this pattern very much, I was curious to see how the other style would look. Though the first one that was cut in bias fit me way too better (you can see ill-fitting around my collarbones on this dress, which I least like), I'm quite happy with this white straight-cut version too. I was kind of hoping this one to be slightly baggy and less fit, and I can say it went as I wished. I think this is very casual white linen dress that I'd choose straight away on a very summery happy day. I love this pattern, both style A and B.


  1. Lovely! It looks like a breath of fresh air.

  2. Very nice! I like the elegance and simplicity of the white.

  3. Both your Vogue dresses look great. I like how the white linen shows the angle of the pocket, very chic look.

  4. Wow!!! That dress is fantastic - and perfect for the hottest part of the year (this Month) in Japan!! Wonderful! You can take Vogue dress patterns and certainly take them to the next level!

  5. A perfect summer white dress! It looks very crisp and cool.

  6. This is such a pretty dress on you!!! The style is so figure flattering. Plus I like your shoes:)

  7. Nothing says summer like a white linen dress and yours is so pretty.

  8. The beauty of this dress lies in it's simplicity. Perfect for a hot day, or night. It looks terrific on you.

  9. White linen, my favourite perfume, my favourite fabric. Magic dress.

  10. So lovely! Your shoes are fantastic as well!

  11. So pretty and flattering, I love the shape and the neckline, ready for those summery breezes!

  12. It's lovely!! I'm longing for a white summery dress too. This one is perfect on you!

  13. So pretty and cool-looking... I love white for the summertime! And so beautifully sewn as always.

  14. Lovely is the first thing that came to mind. There is nothing like white linen. Your dress is so pretty and cool.

  15. stunning dress, I wish one like this too!

  16. I like it, sooooooooooooo much! Excellent design!


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