Wednesday, April 21, 2010

another jogging Lydia

jogging Lydia
Another outfit for exercise.

jogging Lydia
jogging Lydia

I sewed Lydia again, making it a short sleeved. I put a flowery contrasting fabric on the front body, and as you can see I sewed a pair of culottes in the same print jersey too.

The pattern I used for these culottes was JJ's Knit Culottes from BurdaStyle, I cut the pants short as well as made them slightly flared to give a skirt-y look. Though it was the first time for me to use this pattern and I've never sewn a full length pair yet, the pattern is already one of my favorites. Thank you JJ, for this pretty and useful pattern!!

Regarding Lydia, I forgot to take some "before" pictures, but the material I used for this Lydia was one XL sized white plain T shirt which was thrifted long time ago. I literally ripped it to the pieces and used them.

I think refashioning went so well this time, and am especially happy with how I put the contrasting flowery fabric. My contrasting fabric is meant to be functioning as a cover of the certain area, since the white fabric is very soft and is rather revealing the traces of underwear when it clings too much. Busy patterns are always useful for disguising the truth and what to hide. Cool.

I bound the fabrics using my serger before cutting, in the way I did for making stripes on this T shirt.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the tortoise(me) hasn't stopped jogging yet?

Happy sewing to you all!



  1. I love your outfit! That band of fabric on the t-shirt front looks so good, it didn't occur to me it might have a function besides style :)

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now. You make me smile with the way you are sewing for your fitness needs. Both t-shirts are so cute and functional. I too am a runner. You've inspired me to sew something fun and unique for my workouts. I have a feeling you will end up loving jogging! Way to go!

  3. So cute! Good job on continuing to run! :)

  4. Gorgeous outfit. And well done for sticking with the jogging! And you still have time for sewing! Very impressive...
    I like your action photos, too!

  5. So pretty, and the culottes are a great idea - I haven't yet accepted the serious running uniform of tights & T, a bit too revealing to my tastes for the sidewalk!


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