Tuesday, April 27, 2010

chiffon balloon (Burda8034)

I made my second balloon skirt. I really love the first one, but my size has changed since and it doesn't sit well on my waist any more. I still keep it because I love it too much, but I decided to make another and here we see a brand new spring balloon skirt.

The color of this silk chiffon is very difficult to describe. The base color is pale opaque gray, somewhat pink. It is also very sheer, because of the thinness. Flowers are pale blue and white pink and giving some colors onto the fabric. I was going to sew a very feminine long dress when I purchased this fabric, but I changed my mind. I think I did quite right!

The photographs were taken at a seashore last week. I took some days off for a short holiday with Miho and Chigu, staying an island. I knew it was my birthday, and I did expect a chorus of Happy Birthday from them, but, but, guess what, they invited me a lovely surprise dinner and I ended up with trying to hide my happy tears behind a big smile. That night was touching.

We visited a lot of beautiful and interesting places, met the most friendly people, and shared a great great fun to remember. It was planned as an "extreme sewing" tour in the beginning, but there was nothing about sewing at all in the end. We were too happy and too busy to pretend the geeks who sew their buttons in the sea just for taking a scheduled picture to name it extreme or something. Maybe next time.

My birthday card was so pretty.
Sewed and decorated with machine stitching. Chigu's work is always lovely and special like this. I had lovely words in it, from our friends who weren't there, too.

Hope you are having a good time too.


Pattern Description:
3 types of tucked skirt with broad yoke, I used viewC, one has a bubbled hem.
Pattern Sizing:
36-46, I downsized 36 to 34.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes, I love the step by step instructions with well explaining pictures!
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I think skirts with bubbled hem are pretty, it can be also strange at the same time though.
Fabric Used:
Very light silk chiffon
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I knew it fit at my low waist if I made it in size 36, but I wanted to raise the waistline a bit higher this time. So I made it one size smaller to fit at my natural waist. I downsized the pattern using 36 to make it 34, my regular size for skirts is 36 though.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I am not sure if I will sew it again very soon, as I have two of the balloon skirts now. But I am happy to recommend it if you are looking for a pattern for balloon skirts. I think this is a very well made pattern. I definitely recommend fabrics that seem almost too thin and too hanging, if you'd prefer the one with subtle prettiness to the ones that clearly demonstrate their specialness.
This is my second balloon skirt, and I think it looks OK. The first one was made of silk georgette and was less voluminous than this is. To be completely honest, I prefer the first one because of its subtler pouffe at the hem. This silk chiffon was very very soft and fragile as fluid, but I got some volume as you can see in the picture. Said that I think it is quite pretty as it is and best for springtime!


  1. What a lovely skirt! It looks so soft and delicate.
    And happy birthday, Yoshimi! Wish you all the wonderful things in the world!
    Oh, and I love the shoes picture, they are all so pretty!

  2. Happy Birthday - your skirt is fabulous! You are such a sewing inspiration to me.

  3. The pleats at the waist-line are perfect. It flows so naturally. I have a little struggle with my balloon skirt. thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy Birthday, belatedly! Your bubble is very pretty, and becomming.

  5. The skirt and the way you styled it is lovely. Sounds like a wonderful birthday indeed!

  6. Happy birthday, darling girl! I LOVE your blog and am delighted to find that you had such a good birthday. No one deserves it more. Lovely.

  7. Happy Birthday Y! Great balloon skirt - it is fabulous!

  8. Happy Birthday~!! You're skirt is so lovely!!

  9. Happy birthday Yoshimi! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.
    Your skirt is stunning. I love your choice of pretty pastel colours.

  10. Happy Birthday :)
    Beautiful skirt and excellent choice of fabric.So airy and swaying.

  11. This skirt is really lovely ! I would like to be able to wear such garment, but I'm afraid I'm not slim enough to bear it. However, it does look nice on you !

  12. Happy birthday! I hope you're still celebrating - a girl can't celebrate too much :)

    The skirt is great and looks lovely on you, espeically with those wicked shoes!

  13. Happy bithday (late)!

    The skirt is absolutely beautiful. ^_^

  14. The skirt is very lovely. And it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, just like you should!


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