Monday, August 30, 2010

a trio for a little one and his beautiful mother

They were packed and sent yesterday.
It took me quite a few nights to knit.
My knitting is very slow, and that my stitches are so irregular.
There is no wonder why they became looking funny.

They are made from much love.
Probably that's all I was going to say.

I made those three gangs for my friend who's been sharing wonderful experiences with her very young son.
I hope they like these puppies, yes these are puppies, just in case...

I love the mochimochi cuties! They are so awesome, they make us smile.
pattern: Pile-able Pups, by  Anna Hrachovec, Mochimochi Land
yarn: washable AIBUTO, Wister
light blue, natural white, cocoa brown 1 skein each (90m/skein) , a string of dark brown
needle: 3.25mm circular needle



(1) I've had a few enquiries about TAMANEGI-KOBO and its pattern since I posted this Novita blouse.

For the readers who are interested in the shop's pattern, maybe it's good to know that all patterns are going to be on 30% discount from 1/Sep 10:30 to 10/Sep 17:30 (JST =UST+9), according to the shop's blog.

(2) I changed my mind. I am a good friend of those internet shops which make me happy, from now on. No enemy no lazy any more. Links will be more frequently put as long as my strength lasts. I hope you don't mind.

(3) Miho from TAMANEGI-KOBO has just sent me a message, asking to tell you that if you don't receive an e-mail with URL for your purchased pattern(s) in 2 days after placing the order, she would like you to ask to contact directly to the shop since there must be a technical/internet trouble such like mail delivery failure.


  1. Gorgeous work - love the pileable pups!

  2. Yoshimi..__Everything you create is gorgeous! Fran G

  3. omigosh, Yoshimi, those pileable pups are adorable! And that top is very cute!

  4. Eeeee! Those puppies are so cute!!

  5. they're adorable!! lovely work! ;)

  6. Yoshimi - they are beautiful little stuffed toys!!

  7. the puppies are so cute and the photos are great too!

  8. They're so cute! I'm sure your friend will be thrilled!

  9. OMG, those are the cutest things I've ever seen!! So glad you didn't show us your wobbly stich in the photos :) !! (Truly, I can see nothing the least irregular, they are perfect!)

  10. Those knitted puppies are absolutely adorable!!!
    And I can't see any wonky stitches at all, they all look perfection to me!

  11. Those 3 puppies are super Cute! Love, love, love them!


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