Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a spring blouse

Hello everybody!

'I, yoshimi of yoshimi the flying squirrel, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March '11. I endeavour to wear at least one self-stitched garment each day for the duration of March 2011'

Yes I'll have a go.
To confess, it seems difficult for me to take a picture of my outfit everyday, but I've decided to do my best. Visit Zoe's blog if you aren't familiar with her marvelous Me-Made-March '11 project, there you'll see a big number of us joining it. You may read my old posts here and here related to my past (pseudo) project as well.


I sewed a pretty blouse.
This is made of very fine light-weight cotton, and it surely seems good for spring wardrobe. Although neither the fabric or the print was very unusual, the construction of this blouse was somewhat unique. It has got a set of dolman sleeves with a long shoulder yoke which extends to the hand cuffs.
by courtesy of TAMANEGI-KOBO.
I'm showing you my flaps.
Aren't they cute with this flowery pattern?
The thing is, I'm not a good shirt wearer. However, sometimes I feel I look OK in some casual types of blouses and shirts. (On the other hand, I'd look rather stupid and awkward in nice, formal, and traditional shirts. I'd also feel like that I'm borrowing someone else's clothes in that case. Very sad!) So I chose dolman sleeves and omitted collars to make it even more casual. I think now it's very wearable to me, yes I like it very much!
I also made a pair of pants, in a cotton denim, too. Haha, I can hear what you say. The color of the fabric is very blue. And it is, you are so right, a funny color. I suppose it's the one of the colors which remind us past ages. Anyway, I liked it because of this interesting color. However, I will not be wearing the blouse and the pants together so often, because they are somehow and strangely matching too much well with each other, in color-wise, and it can make you laugh when they are present together. I think they can be worn separately and there will be no problem... Well, there has to be not!

I wish you a lovey day,

spring blouse
pattern: TAO(dolman sleeve blouse) from TAMANEGI-KOBO size 9
sleeves: lengthened by 4.5cm
hem: lengthened by 10cm.
cotton lawnvoile, very thin, light, and soft. Blue flowery print.

blue pants
pattern: JOKER(semi-baggy pants) from TAMANEGI-KOBO size 9
pockets: modified (rear: patch pockets, front: angled slash pockets)
pants: lengthened by about 10cm.
Hemming was done after hot washing and tumble drying of the garment.
cotton stretch light-weight denim, soft, stretches well.
It was sewn into pants before the first wash and shrunk to get a fit by hot-washing plus tumble drying.


  1. that blouse pattern was just added to my "to make" list! i love the dolmen sleeves! and your fabric choice is perfect..i dont own many button down shirt, but thats something i want to try more this spring!

  2. I love both the top and the pants. I'm impressed at how well the pants fit you! Great job. And the top is so spring like. How lovely! Is it warm enough there to wear such a top?

  3. I like your blouse without the collar, and how you knotted it at the bottom. The blue pants just scream "spring" to me right now---they are lovely on the eyes.

  4. I love the two pieces together - and that fabric you chose is fabulous!! I really like both of them together! Perfect for hipster Los Angeles here - I highly recommend it!

  5. Beth (Sunnygalstudio)February 10, 2011 at 1:01 AM

    Very pretty blouse and I love the pants, great color.

  6. I too like both garments together! The blues are really beautiful and they look well made and well fitting. Great job!!!

  7. Love the combination of the two together!!! I will definitely be making this blouse myself!

  8. I love both pieces. The blouse is so delicate and floaty and the jeans have such a nice shape and fit. I can see both pieces being extremely versatile in your wardrobe!

  9. Wow, the pants fit exceptionally well! And I definitely think they should be worn together with your blouse, looks great!

  10. I am drawn to matchy-matchy so I like them together! And the fit on the pants is superb. Wow!

  11. love the Dolman sleeves and cheerful print. Great blue pants too. A bit bright for me but my daughter would love them.

  12. honestly, you are adorable! i love your blog and am so happy you are back from your winter break. donna

  13. lovely blouse.perfect for spring!

  14. Gorgeous top, and great pants! Thank you for the tip on getting a good fit... did you do it this way because they were a little big to start with, or is that the recommended procedure in the pattern? I've not heard of doing this before...

  15. Gordita, it's not that warm yet! I needed to put on my pullover right after the shooting ;p

  16. Carolyn, the pattern I used for these pants was for non-stretch woven fabric, and I usually try cheating to get a good fit by making pants in stretch fabric using a pattern for non-stretch fabric. It is usually seen that stretch fabrics make the final products looser on body when the patterns for non-stretch used, but if I avoid washing the fabric before sewing, I'd get a big shrinking after the first wash of the garment and it would usually help to achieve a good fit. I hope my explanation is understandable!

  17. And it is totally my kind of cheating and nobody has recommended! (But it works.)

  18. Hola chica:

    I think the blouse and pants are awesome!!!!! The colors and of course....the model too>
    Simply awesome. Please continue inspire me.

  19. I need to make a blouse like that!

  20. yes too matching I agree, but both lovely! PS-your shoes are AMAZING!


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