Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summary of May

I have each photo in my Flickr album, with brief description for me-made garment.

My outfit recording May, which was inspired by Zoe 's Me-Made-May project, is over. Though I can say that I tried very hard for a satisfying achievement, here I have some blank spaces in the picture, which means that I failed in recording my outfit due to an overflowing work and my ill time-managing. I had a certain presentation on 24th at work and was just too nervous to consider anything else until I could successfully finish my last slide. I was a bit sad about the blank spaces, but now I admit it's all about current me including the incompletion of this project. Well, I've certainly learnt a LOT from my version of Me-Made-May. Thank you, Zoe!

1) I tried to put on as many me-made garments as possible in this project. I tried to avoid the garments if they were worn once in this period. I also chose only what I wanted to wear, so the garments that were in season but weren't chosen have to go for good. By trying as many of them as possible, I found more way of matching my clothes too. That was a hit.

2) I had a stupid image of myself before, that is, until this project started I worried if I was generally dressing too clamorous, but I found that it was not so true, at least not much more than I imagined. It made me happy! Because there is no big worry any more, I feel comfortable with my own sewing and future projects, which is really cool.

How was your May?
Now I am hoping we'll have fabulous June!



  1. I truly love your style!
    I am a scientist too (computer scientist) who happens to share your hobbies (crochet and self-taught sewing). I am from Spain. Given that we seem hare so much I would like to contact you, if you like this idea my e-mail is eva.cifi@gmail.com.

  2. Seeing all these photos together, I am even more amazed at the quality of the photos! It must take a lot of time and effort to get this level of professionalism in your daily photos. Not to mention the beautiful handwork in the clothing itself. Nice collection!

  3. this is SO inspiring!

    can you tell me what pattern you used for may 9? i have been looking for those pants everywhere...

  4. Yoshimi, everything you make is so beauty full!

  5. Gorgeous outfits. You look stunning. Well done on getting so many photos taken; I know how much time they take up!

  6. Thank you for your comments, ladies!
    Yes, taking photographs everyday is such a chore. Especially to my husband. It made him look more exhausted day by day... well well.

    >the lady who made the comment first on this post,
    It's great to know that you and I share so much things in common! Now it's much much easier to encounter with those who we'd love to talk with because of these square boxes that we are staring at. The world is getting smaller... BTW I have set up my twitter account and put the link button on this page lately. Let's talk there and I'd happy to respond you!
    >Dear oona,
    That's MY problem too!! I've been looking for patterns for these funny pants too, but I end up finding a pair which is really similar to what I'd love to have as a pattern. So, my plan is that I will rip them apart and check if I can multiply them. The problem is, that I don't want to ruin this pair which is working perfectly at this moment. What should we do then!!

  7. oh, don't rip them! they are perfect... wear them until they almost dissolve or they fall victim to an untreatable stain, then you can clone them!

  8. Wow - I have just spent way too much time browsing your blog and marvelling at how well you wear your clothes. They are beautifully made - I wish you could come sew my wardrobe. Congrats on a wonderful blog.

  9. Bravo, dear Yoshimi. This is amazing. I love how much you can wear no jeans everyday (I'd be lost...)
    maybe I miss seeing your Ute blouse which I adore :-)
    PS: Compliments to husband for the good pictures, too.

  10. I love your style. All your outfit are very pretty !

  11. Oh Yoshimi, I just love your writing. And your design sense is right on the money--every single piece you make looks lovely and photographs beautifully. Simply marvelous! Thank you for sharing all this with us!


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