Sunday, May 2, 2010

Verypurpleperson's fabulous Reversible Bag, irreversible version

I used a silver printed (silver color coated) linen, as a main body of the bag. Because the silver print was certainly heat sensitive, I couldn't use my irons at all but had to use my fingers and nails to make all seams open this time. It was so funny to see myself seriously trying seams flat and open with my own organs and body temperature. I was funnily believing that I could make it look fine and neat this time. It is usually impossible! I love love love my irons at all, I can't sew without them.

Other than missing the ironing pleasure, I enjoyed making it very much.

flower side
reversible bag, irreversible ver.
another side
As you can see in the pictures, I have put a pocket and a set of magnetic button closure inside, and some of my handmade flowers outside.
I'm so happy with the result, and love the pattern indeed. Thank you Novita, though I made it not reversible while it was intended to be useful in that way. I think I'm carrying this bag everywhere, it is pretty as well as so very useful!

pattern: Reversible Bag from BurdaStyle, 110% printed out
fabric for bag:
plain woven linen, silver print coated
white cotton twill
for flowers:
gray polyester organdy
off white (nylon?) tulle

Have a good day!


  1. I can't believe you made this gorgeous bag!! Beautiful! And I am so impressed you pressed the seams without an iron or steam! You and Dawn (two on two off) are now both inspiring me to buy some purse patterns! Pronto:) Gorgeous!

  2. What a wonderful bag - I love it! The color/fabric/flowers are all so chic and fun! Great job!!

  3. Oh my! I love those big flowers. The girly bag looks great with jeans. Such a contrast! I wonder if you would post a little tutorial about how you made your flowers?

  4. That fabric is so fabulous!
    I love your irreversible silver bag, Yoshimi! ^^

  5. This bag is gorgeous! How do you make those flowers? I so want to knock one off.

    And are you in Hong Kong? I am sorry for forgetting where you are... that photo looks like HK, though, and it is one of my favorite cities.

    Thank you for blogging, Flying Squirrel!

  6. Your bag is gorgeous! I totally love it. And I noticed some lovely little labels sewn on the inside with your name, may I ask where you got them from? A really nice personal touch...

  7. Hi Brooke!
    Thanks for the comment, and I am living in Japan! These pictures were taken in a sightseeing ship at Ashinoko lake yesterday. I've never been in Hong Kong, but I think we may share the same atmosphere and sunshine with Hong Kong people because we are in a similar latitude on north hemi...hmmm... almost similar, I'd say!

    Dear everyone,
    I'll try to find another chance to do those flowers, and also try not to forget to take some pictures, to tell you how to do that. Thanks!!

    And Hello Carolyn,
    Thank you for your kind comment!! Regarding the woven labels, I'm so sorry but I have to say I forgot the shop which I ordered to embroider my names on the ribbon. It was very many years ago and I can't remember the name even though I googled quite a bit to look for the hints. So sorry. (But it was certainly a Japanese company, and they didn't have e-mail order or credit card transaction, old information though.)

  8. Yoshimi, it's beautiful!
    I already wanted to make this bag, but now, I certainly will!

  9. Beautiful bag!! I love the flowers!

  10. You are amazing! Another beautiful project. Yum!

  11. Oh, your bag is sooooooo beautiful, Yoshimi!! Kudos! Love the flower details! You really are talented!

  12. Hi Yoshimi,
    Thanks so much for your lovely Flickr mail. It is very much an honour to have your support for the project, you are such an incredible sewer. I bet you have a wardrobe bursting with stunning you-made garments that would put most in the shade! I hope you enjoy viewing the Flickr group, I think you’ll agree there’s some awesome garments and outfits and some very creative ladies. It makes me so happy that different people from all over the world are participating and enjoying wearing the fruits of their hard work. Plus everyone is really supportive of each other. Thanks again for your kinds words.
    Zoe x

  13. Great bag, Yoshimi! Perfect fabric choices and flawless execution, as always. After seeing your version, I am tempted to make this bag from some gold-covered linen I've had sitting in my stash for ages.


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