Thursday, June 18, 2009

what I've been up to...

It's been a long time since I posted last time. I've been so busy! I'm happily working hard, but you know, all kinds of other issues in the life definitely love to come to you only when you are really busy! I even had to think which one to do first and which ones need to be forgotten!

I lost so much weight in this hectic month, which is no good! ...Oh there are so many things to tell other than busy-busy thing. I'd better quit!

Anyway, I got some garments done. I can tell my stress-reliever is, definitely, sewing.
I only sew an hour a day, but it works very well on me.
The more busy I am, the more garments I'd get. People who don't sew must think I'm weird, but I hope you understand!

I made some easy garments for my summer wardrobe.
I'll be writing separate posts about some of them, because how they came out may be fun to read.

a white top (cotton jersey)

a pale-blue top (cotton jersey)
T shirt

another white top (Tencel jersey)
puffy skirt (polyester/cotton blend)

a light dress (cotton loan! lawn)

a sunshade cardigan (cotton/PU jersey)

Thanks for visiting!
Happy sewing ;)