Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flowers on my cardigan

I made a cardigan with a nostalgic flowery print.

Don't worry, I agree with you, that the print looks "out of days" to me too! And guess what, I'm very happy in this cardigan, and actually you might see my feeling in the pictures.

I have to say that I really love this outfit on me. I think the colors suit me well.

Funny idea though, I cunningly feel that it's more effective to put on uncool/nothing-cool kind of clothes that suit the person very well than to put on trendy clothes that equally suit the wearer, when she/he would really love to pretend to be looking good. People are all looking good in each one's way and it's silly to measure the values anyway, however, I think that it happens often that uncool clothes are making more concrete impressions of the wearers. I mean, if people catch the sight of you smiling beautifully in the insignificant clothes that actually suit you, they would mostly feel that it's you that is beautiful above all and the impression lasts for good. I love thinking cool clothes and it's very fun indeed, but I also think that if we can be happy to be careful when we pick up the most uncool/boring clothes once in a while, we will be successful to pretend that we are the best. I hope you'd get what I'm trying to say...

I know it may seem a wrong idea and you may see a silly logic in it though, I've hoped this feeling to be written in words for some time. You may think I am using the terms uncommonly, too. I'll try to be better in explaining if ever I get a second chance. Until then, please excuse me for giving you such a confusion!

I used Fujiko body briefer pattern for making the cardigan. I omitted the lower part and added a front opening and it's done. I also wear an white high neck pullover from the same pattern in the cardigan. The white high neck was made from a silk jersey which is heavenly smooth on the skin...I really love both Fujikos. Happy sewing, everybody!!


Flowery cardi
pattern: Fujiko (body briefer) from Tamanegi-kobo
omitted the lower part and added a front placket and buttons.
fabric: mohair/wool/acryl blend, less stretchy, fairly bodied, warm, soft, flowery print

White high neck pullover
pattern: Fujiko (body briefer) from Tamanegi-kobo
omitted the lower half, narrowed high neck
fabric: silk jersey, not very stretchy, thin, flowy, sheen, soft, off-white

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pants Avy

Hello, hope you're very well!

As for me, I hate these tweed pants... because they really don't show their pretty texture, figure, lightness, and loveliness in my pictures. And what is more, I imagine that you can't even find the pants in the pictures because they are melting in my usual background. Mmm!

Yes, I admit I am too upset, I shouldn't have forgotten to mention that I really love my new invisible but playful gaucho pants in the first line. I apologize to you.

I lengthened the pants quite a lot, they are much longer than the length which the pattern originally calls for. Since I'm feeling like roomy and flowy clothes right this moment, they are so very perfect to me. They're fun! I'm so happy with them.

Gaucho pants from the same pattern: photographs here
Orange brown sweater: store-bought
Cream yellow pullover: photographs here

pattern: gaucho pants Avy from annee-pattern (not PDF), lined, lengthened.
fabric: wool tweed, light beige, almost coat weight.

Happy sewing!