Friday, August 28, 2009

a pair of jeans!


I've got this gorgeous denim a month ago, and since then I couldn't stop thinking about sewing a pair of nice, dark, narrow and well-fitted jeans as one of my autumn outfits.

For me, sewing pants is always a big challenge, I'm not meaning it technically, I mean that, it rarely happens to me that my home-sewn pants fit me perfect AND look nice. There's been something good in my home-sewn pants, but at the same time I always had some points which I needed to pretend not to see. Especially sewing (nice and usable) jeans seemed impossible for me. Retailed jeans always AND completely defeated mine!

Anyway, I didn't expect that my new pair of jeans would be this good, I was sewing hoping them to be considerably nice though. But when I put on them for the first time, I found the fit was perfect and they were also very comfortable. I thought they looked very good too. Wow. I LOVE them! I'm very glad that I didn't give up thinking about home-sewn pants, after those many disappointments! Miraculously, there was nothing for me to adjust in the pattern.

Here I say,
"Someday it will happen! Never stop sewing until encountering your pair!!"




pattern: skinny jeans for stretch material from pumila (Japanese internet pattern shop)

fabric: thick stretch denim, deep indigo, cotton/polyurethane, about 1.48m x 1.4m
other: zipper, button, and thicker thread & needle for denim sewing

I've changed the piping pockets w/ flaps on the back to the common patch pockets.
I lengthened the legs by 2cm too.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fatina in white with black piping


I made Fatina dress from BurdaStyle.
I love this ivory white cotton which has fine embroideries and stripy wrinkles on it. After making the black dress (the knock-off), I was so stimulated in color-wise, and I wanted to sew something in very opposite color. I pulled out this fabric from the pile of my treasures straight away, and so I sewed it.

Because I realized that the muslin in my regular size was apparently bigger than I needed, and also because my fabric has some elasticity, I cut my fabric in much smaller size (34). I also shortened the length by 6cm. I didn't use bias strips for the armholes, but attached the facings. I have put the narrow black pipings on the armholes, collars, and hem as well.

The dress was very simple to make, but piping hems took so much patience and time. I generally enjoyed the process to finish, and am very satisfied with the result. I am especially happy with the length and the back slit of the skirt (would you say "skirt" if the dress has no seam across the waist like this?). Though pipings are optional on Fatina dress and you might barely see the tiny piping of mine at all, I like them on this dress!


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Friday, August 14, 2009



In this past two months, I have sewed a lot, despite of my new-year resolution that is "sew as less as possible and think much before getting started".

Well I failed!
OK, I'll save it to next year and I don't need to consider another resolution as I have already one, hehe. I've been in a mood of sewing and I enjoyed sitting in front of my lovely sewing machine so much. Sewing therapy? I guess that is it.

Instead of telling about the detail of clothes which I showed you in the last post, I'm going to show you some of my recent results today. (I'll try to write in the future before long, sorry!)

Here are some dresses I made this summer.
I'm a huge fan of dresses, but I had less chances to get myself in these dresses this summer. Maybe I was too busy to wear dresses with sewing... (silly joke) Anyway, I really love sewing dresses, even when I'm too busy to wear them.

Made of stretch cotton, slightly sheer and printed in white and silver-gold.

It is a quite cheap fabric, but I love the casual look of it. The dress was named "a costume for Ancient Rome play" by me. I like it and it is comfortable. I used the pattern 872 from anneesicotton*. Sleeveless, no lining.

Made of rayon jersey, very soft and very elastic (2-way).

I immediately loved the flowers on this fabric when I saw it for the first time. I used the pattern 843 from anneesicotton* for the dress. Looks a bit too feminine, but I think it's OK as I'm female.

Made of shirting cotton, bias cut.

I am not good at wearing plaids, but I hoped the bias cutting help me not to be too childish.
I twist and tangle the dress after washing and let it dry in the natural air, so that the dress is given a good wrinkled looking and enough elasticity for the fitting. I think I love the result of twisting. It's an easy and handy technique for making handmade garments fitted, in my world. I used the pattern 852 from anneesicotton*

and latest
Made of polyester jersey, with white pipings.

This is my first Knock-off project, ever. I saw the black dress in July, once, in some fashion magazine, but never could wipe out the image from my eyelids. I was absolutely in love with it. Eventually I decided to sew a knock-off dress to myself, collecting my memories. I enjoyed sewing it very much and now I am very satisfied with what I get! Funny thing is, it looks rather similar to the original dress in the front view, but the design of the back is quite different. ......I knew it.
I found that Bergdorf Goodman was in stock of the dress here. (sorry when the link expired)

I used the pattern Brigitte from anneesicotton*

Hope to talk to you soon!