Saturday, November 14, 2015

How do I?

How do I start a blog post after this long silence?

It's been long since the last post. I wouldn't apologize about it, because this is a tiny space that is existing solely for my silly sewing and it would sound even sillier if I apologize about my lack of exhibitionism as if I have to have it all the time. Too much self-importance is prowling around the world, so you really don't need mine in addition to that, I guess...

Basically I haven't sewn much these days. Instead, I've been either busy or tired with all things that happened to our little family and to myself for the last several months. In short, we decided that I could lessen my scientific work drastically to the level of almost zero, that we could move in some other cozier house in the same area, and that the daughter could stay with us again and go to College from home. It took some time but we managed to make all things happen nicely and now everything around us seems better and settled. Now, all of us are happier than ever. That said, I have to confess that I unnecessarily made the fuss even bigger during the transitional period, by getting sick or injured from time to time. I courageously joined in this year's Pattern Review Sewing Bee contest this fall and it helped me a lot (to have a thermal runaway in my brain) too. Well, life is so eventful.

In fewer words, this post is a report of the projects which I sewed for the sewing bee contest.

As for the contest result, I luckily got through to the final round, which was the 4th round of the entire contest. That means, I made four sets of garments/outfits with certain themes given by the contest committee for each round. I tried my best, but I think the daughter should be acknowledged as a great help to my success in the contest. She helped me a lot about the lovely photographs very much :)

If you are interested in detail of the projects, please visit my reviews in PR site from the links.

Sewing Bee Round 1 - Fitted Blouse:  Review

Sewing Bee Round 2 - Make the Fabric Your Own: Review

Sewing Bee Round 3 - Lined Jacket: Review

Sewing Bee Round 3 - Design and Sew an Olympics Outfit: Review

Lastly, I put a picture of my room below. This is the current status of my new sewing space. It is a very small corner of a room, and I started liking it very much. By the way, I knitted the pink hat on the dress form yesterday. I have just started expanding my creativity at my new space, so I will see what kind of sewing happens here in the very near future.

I hope you are having a great time, I will try to have a good one too!

Keep you safe and warm. Love each other.

Love and hugs