Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cherry Pink Eva

First of all, I really want to thank you all for your comments on my past posts! I'm quite sorry for being so lazy and incapable to reply to all your comments, but every single comment always makes me very happy. Thank you so much! (^_^)


I made this pink top for this coming summer. It has got raglan sleeves with subtle puffy ends. I love these sleeves and am very satisfied with how it turned out.

I am just grumbling with the fact that I need to put on a jacket or something over it right now, because the spring weather is too cool for a real summer clothing! There is no chance for the world to find its pretty sleeves under the jacket. Now it is indistinguishable from any pink T shirt, or even from a pink tank top. grr I knew it!

By the way, I'd be grateful if you could tell me your tips to make me happily stop concentrating on coming season's clothes too much... although I think you'd agree with me that it's so exciting to plan what to wear in the next season, if you have the seasons, no matter how much obvious they are. We have spring, summer, autumn & winter, and there are quite big temperature shifts between the seasons. Unfortunately, I also love to put on my new clothes when they come, straight from my sewing bench. Well, ahem, thus I always look slightly funny wearing something too cold or something too hot all year round before its appropriate season. No harm to anybody else, though.


Anyway I made the top.
The fabric I used is linen jersey. It is very soft and comfy!
views from side and back can be seen here.

pattern: anneeduex* Eva (PDF downloaded)
fabric: linen jersey 107cm x slightly over 100cm
other: fusible interfacing on facing (neckband, soft&thick)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dolman-sleeved blouse in spring


I made a blouse in silk crepe.
The pattern I used was Burda7834, a summery blouse with a deep V-neck and dolman sleeves.
It was a very quick project, as the silk crepe was easy to handle and I had no alteration to the pattern this time.

Before I got the result, I was expecting the blouse baggier and also wishing the bottom of the V-neck a bit higher from the picture on the envelope . Although the blouse is quite fitted and the V is deeper than I hoped, I like wearing it as it is quite interesting (ha!). I think it looks pretty with one piece of camisole inside. I've got another top for this spring!


pattern: Burda 7834
fabric: Silk crepe 132cmx130cm
other: invisible zipper (long) and fusible interfacing on neckband and waistband (soft&thin)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Laurent, again.

It's getting warmer and warmer, surely spring has come.
I've made another Laurent skirt, in sheer leopard print.

Since I wanted the skirt whiter, I have chosen an white fabric for the lining. This made the whole impression of this skirt much lighter and I like it!
I don't think I look good in brown or in leopard print, but I think this skirt became OK-ish by the bleaching effect.
Actually I am really happily wearing it now!

The fabric was given by K, who is one of my lovely sewing geeks.
Thank you and I LOVE YOU!

pattern: anneecotton* Laurent
fabric: leopard/flower pattern silk/polyester blend, organdie-ish, about 130cmx 60cm
other: invisible zipper, interfacing on waistband (thick& not so hard)

I love cherry blossom, too.

Have a good day!