Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday Blouse and Red Jeans

Yes, I'm pretending a punk.

5 days ago, I bought this red denim in Tokyo. As I had been wanting a bold and bright red pair of slim jeans, (I'm not sure if I was sober when the idea hit my brain though,) I was looking for some nice red-red denim in the Nippori fabric district. Despite my frantic search of it, I couldn't find any of red denim other than this dark punk glittery smelly fabric. Because I am a type of person who is very easy to be satisfied with alternative plans, I changed my mind happily and brought it home with a big smile.

And then, my smile grew even bigger when I got home, to find Hélène had sent me my birthday presents. Yes, it was my birthday! She sent me two pretty fabrics, some beautiful threads, and her love. The fabric for the blouse is one of her presents. Punk pants are also here for frightening you in the picture. I guess you are laughing at me thinking how quickly I used these fabrics. Never mind.

Have a good day!

Birthday Blouse
573 high neck sleeveless blouse(discontinued) from anneecotton*
size40, down graded to 38.
fabric: fine cotton lawn, probably least of stretch, beautiful organic pattern

I love my handmade jeans.
They are the comfiest things ever in my life.
Red Slim Jeans
stretch skinny pants from pumila
size 9, lengthened by 5cm, front jeans pockets with a little coin pocket, rear patch pockets.
fabric: stretch denim, black red, glittery, rather hard, thick, stretch moderately.

Much love,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amy long cardigan and bell bottom jeans

Long cardigan

pattern: Amy S. #6028 from BurdaStyle (PDF)
size 34(1-2 smaller size than my measurement size), lengthened, added a front opening and plackets, one hidden hook & eye for closure
fabric: cotton lace jersey, white beige, light, very stretchy because of the lacy texture

I stole an idea of making cardigan from Amy pullover pattern from my dear friend Kapo. I was almost successful to threaten & snatch her gorgeous pink cardigan that she sewed from the pattern in the last summer, as you see in the picture, but I failed. (She snatched it back from me afterwards.) I guess I should have threatened more. Sometimes she is so very stingy like this.

Kapo's pink cardi
*In case you are suffering from my poor English, I let you know that I'm joking. She is the most generous lovely pal and I adore this beautiful friend. Of course, she is not the one who is miserly, but the other is.

Bell bottom jeans

pattern: stretch skinny jeans from Pumila
my skinny jeans from this pattern can be seen here and here.
size 9, pants narrowed at knee, hem lengthened by 10cm, hem very widened (hem width 30cm)
fabric: cotton stretch denim, PU blended, indigo, heavy and thick
I found that it was easy to make alterations onto my favorite skinny jean pattern. It can be a platform for any style of jean pants, and I love the fact.


*P.S. Where I live, wearing a hooded jumper in public is not very controversial, and in fact, there are many grown-ups who love the casual style. Needless to say, no one wears it with its hood up. Babies may do, with a pair of bear ears, occasionally.