Monday, October 26, 2009

Cape Frago

 I made a cape.

 I knew the fabric had been sitting in my stash for too long, but I didn't know what to do. I knew the reason why though.

 It was supposed to make a pretty poncho (cape) which had cute fringes on the edge when I bought it. I thought what I bought was a tweed, but the fabric was actually a knitted fabric. (a great mistake!) aw..

 It took me more than 2 months to get over my mistake and I finally had a go this week.

 Seeing it in the photos right now, the fabric positively looks nothing but a woolen knit (even to me). I must have been too excited about it on the purchase... What kind of love makes me so blind?

 Thus it has no fringes on it. It's fun to wear, and reasonably warm. I'm happy with the result. This is the end of the story for today!

 Oh yes, I sewed this short and gray skirt for my wintry wardrobe too. I love this skirt. It is simple, yet simply cute.

Happy sewing!!


white Frago cape
pattern: Frago from anneeduex*
 (not PDF pattern)
size 38

fabric: wool knit, milky-yellowy white with silver lame, contains some curly bulky threads, pretty, seemed almost no elastic, about 140cm x 110cm

*thin leather string and a pair of toggle buttons for front closure
*straight grain cut
gray woolen Laurent mini skirt
pattern: Laurent from anneecotton*
size 38

fabric: wool blends, grayish white with iron-silver lame (my supplier loves lame thing so much...), about 130cm x 70cm
lining: cupro, pale gray, about 140cm x 60cm

Monday, October 19, 2009

blue denim dress, named Dita


I was about to sew another pair of jeans with this pale blue denim. However, that night, the idea of blue denim dress with big buttons hit my sleeping brain and I managed to remember it until the next morning. The idea seemed extraordinarily good in THAT dream, but I forgot what was that nice about it or why I thought so, without any trace. The dream left one convinced seamstress without any convincing reason!

Anyway, I was too convinced that I was getting a great result while I was sewing it. It was so much fun. I knew I was making fun of myself in that way. perhaps.

blue denim dress
pattern: Dita from TAMANEGI-KOBO (PDF, dress)
size: JPN9

fabric: stretch cotton denim, pale blue, about 148cm x 150cm

 *add a pair of big buttons(30mm) on the pockets
 *shortened by 2cm at skirt hem


By the way, I am in love with this comfortable dress and also I think it's quite pretty, did I forget to say?

Have a happy day!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a shirt and a jacket

It's getting cooler and cooler day by day in my area. I've made two garments for the season.

a satin shirt

A shirt was made of slightly shiny satin, silk/cotton blend. I bought this fabric to make an under dress, but it was so pretty and I couldn't use it for hiding under my dress in the end. So I made this shirt. As I'm not a good shirt wearer, I tried to make it like blouse as much as possible. I hid front buttons underneath a front flap, chose a narrow stand collar, and omitted pockets, waist darts and topstitches. I think I can say I did well. I really love this color, and I'd love to wear it often in this autumn.

silk-cotton satin shirt
pattern: anneecotton* BL5023(shirt)
size: 40
fabric: silk55 cotton45 satin plain woven, soft and bouncy shirting fabric. 112cm x 170cm

a Columbo jacket

I have been curious about jackets with big silhouette, but never had a chance to try before. When Miho started her shop, the first line-up included this big jacket called Columbo, and I had no way to dismiss it. This is my first tailor-collared jacket sewn by myself, too. I used this pale gray wool gabardine for making it. When I found this fabric on an online shop, I thought I was really lucky. This is a fabric same as ones for the jackets from Loro Piana, and it was miraculously discounted (because of this funny mice-y color). Hey I don't mind the gray at all!

The sewing of this jacket was easier than I had imagined, and I'm enjoying the result! A very big jacket brings my style a fresh breeze and I feel good in it. I love my Columbo! Actually I think the color suits me rather than other deep colors, because I mostly wear pale colors and they match to this gray anyway.


Columbo jacket
pattern: TAMANEGI-KOBO Columbo(jacket)
size: JPN11
   (JPN9 at around the shoulders, as my shoulders are proportionally narrower than other parts)
fabric: wool gabardine, about 148cm x 220cm

 *I used a pair of 20mm buttons on the cuffs, instead of using 2 sets of 15mm buttons as said in instruction).
The pair of pink buttons was a kind gift from my French friend. Thank you, Helene!!

 *The corners on cuffs, hem, collar, and lapel were slightly rounded.
 *I put only left mock pocket on the chest, but omitted the right one.
 *Invisible hemming was done by hand, instead of straight stitching by sewing machine.

Take care!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Burdafashion 503D and a happy ending


I was a bit out of my mind on the other day (the technique that I am most bad at is gathering), and I decided to sew this blouse with much gathering work simply because it looked very pretty and also comfortable. I imagined with stars in my eyes that I could be relaxing myself in it on a cozy weekend's afternoon having a cuppa on the sofa (or something similar).

However, after attaching one of the sleeves, I found it didn't work for me at all! It was too bulky on me and I looked like a person whose previous life was an white jellyfish or a mushroom (or something similar)...
So I took some pictures, and the blouse was abandoned.

The story continues. I showed the pics to my friends to prove what I did, and luckily one of them loved it! She finished everything neatly and here she goes! She also sewed a blue dress to wear underneath the blouse. She looks so pretty in it.
A very happy ending!!


here is my review again... (thanks for your patience, and encouragements!)

Pattern Description:

Pattern Sizing:
34 36 38 40 42 44, I used 36.        

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
I don't think so, but it was because I used a very different type of fabric from the one that was used for the sample from Burda. My fabric was rather shirting cotton than transparent flowered chiffon which was in the sample picture. The blouse I made looks bigger with a strong modulation of gathers and ruffles.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes, I could sew it without a problem. However, I'd be happier if there were pictures to explain. I also thought that one of front bands would be better attached at the last step so that we can check the balance and the length of elastic band at waist with putting it on.

What did you particularly like  or dislike about the pattern?
I loved the feminine look of the blouse. I have no particular dislikes on it.

Fabric Used:
Very thin and light cotton/cupro blend. Slightly sheer. Rather elegant.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
No, I sewed it without changes.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes, I will probably sew it again in very soft lacy fabric. I think my version is pretty as it is, but I have to confess I came to know it didn't work on me at all with unknown reason before one of sleeves attached. Fortunately, one of my good friends loved it for the first sight and she finished it to get her new favorite blouse. She likes to put it on over a blue light dress that she sewed for the blouse as in the picture. It's very pretty on her! So I recommend it to others even though it didn't work for me, because I know the pattern is right and good.

This is a pretty blouse and it look very elaborate. I'm looking forward to the chance to sew it again with the right fabric for me! I think I need the fabric which is flowing and hanging to make its silhouette smaller. How it looks with this pattern is totally depending on fabrics.