Saturday, August 15, 2015

wide pants, culotte pants, gaucho pants, or whatever how you call them,

I made them in lace fabric.

I got this lace on my holiday in Kochi, in June. I bought three or three and half meters of it at my favorite store, along with some pieces of other fabric. I almost sewed all of them already, but it's not today's story :)

In this lace, I made a simple sack dress for me and then made a pair of these wide and skirt-like pants. The latter turned out very pretty pants for my daughter who looks lovely in romantically chic(if you can imagine that) outfit.

The pattern I used is a japanese pattern which is called "simple wide pants with an elastic waist band that are easy to make" from Polkadrops. The name says it all!

I lined them with a light cotton lawn and made the elastic band casting with a heavy silk shantung. I'm pretty happy with the result, so is the daughter. She was kind enough to volunteer to pose in the blog photos again. Thank you, my girl.

Now I think I finished my high summer sewing with these.
How's your sewing going?

Talk to you soon!


pattern: "simple wide pants with an elastic waist band that are easy to make" from Polkadrops
Free size (however, the size was much adjusted for the wearer when printing out in this case), lengthened, lined.
fabric: lace fabric, mysterious composition

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vogue 2900, version 2015.


I made another vogue 2900 in a beautiful wax printed cotton. I really love this pattern, and I can't stop making one in every summer. As all parts of this dress are cut in bias grain (style B), it fits great around the waist without clinging to the body too much when it is sewn in dry and stiff fabric like this wax printed cotton.

As for sewing, I don't have many things to tell about this dress, as I made it with same alterations as former V2900s. I've made two V2900s in similar fabrics before this dress, and here are the links to the posts (1) (2) if you would like to read about them. This time, I lengthened the skirt by 5cm(2") to add some fullness in the skirt, but there is nothing more.

Hope you are having a good time!


pattern: V2900, style B from Vogue Patterns
fabric: Wax printed cotton from Vlisco, stiff. dry.