Saturday, December 31, 2011

a good relation

Hello, dear my readers!
jersey cardigan jacket
You might already know that I have a teen-age daughter. She is a kind of girl who would admit PJs sewn by her mother are the best in the world, but that's all of what she would say. She is not interested in my sewing in any ways. Some days ago, I casually spoke to her "See, now another one is done, Darling", showing a dress form which was wearing my latest beige cardigan jacket. Though I didn't expect her specific reply for my call, that day she smiled at me slowly, and said "Mama, you seem quite happy with your sewing these days, and I see quite a perfection in it. I think the jacket is gorgeous too. You're doing so good. I'm very happy for you."

Of course she was not telling that her mother's sewing skill was improving. She mentioned that I was in a good balance of something... avocational. Because I sew what I really love and as much as I love, without feeling intimidated, I'm generally staying cool in my spare time. And she is happy with me like that. My sewing is something that rest of my family wouldn't be involved in almost at all, but I felt it was great for them too if my hobby could make my family happy in an indirect way.

I'll be sitting in front of my sewing machine with a happy soul in 2012 too. Sew with me!

Happy New Year!


glove holder
body briefer
long jersey skirt
warm pullover with flared hem

PJ for daughter

Sunday, December 11, 2011

the longer skirt

I'm practicing photography lately, a wee bit, by myself, and this is me in yesterday's morning.

It was a calm and beautiful Saturday morning. We decided to take a walk to our favorite Italian restaurant for lunch. As there was a plenty of sunlight, I was so happy to annoy my company with stopping at every flower on the way for releasing my shutter to fix the beauty in my camera. The restaurant had a stretch of pretty private path which was very much taken care of with lovely plants, and I had to take thousands of pictures of flowers by the pavement when we were almost there. My DD and DH ended up being kept waiting for me before entering the cozy inside for delicious pizzas. I'm lucky to have a pair of very patient company in my life, I really appreciate it! They made fun of me with taking my photographs of photographing too.
I guess they were talking about the weather, like a harmonious elderly couple.

I made another long skirt. I love this blue skirt that I made in October very much, but I have one thing that I regretted... It should have been longer in my first plan. I'm happy with it in the end, but I needed one more and that has to be one or two inches longer using the same pattern in more hanging fabric. Nerd.
I used a flow-y rayon/linen fabric, with kitten embroidery. The kitten pattern looks kinda humorous and I think the fabric is pretty wearable. I really like it.

Have a very good day, everyone!


pattern: Jade midi skirt, from Tamanegi-kobo
lengthened much, size 42(2size bigger than my usual size, to make the waist line lower).

fabric: rayon/linen denim, white and beige
kitten embroidery in black,
flow-y, slightly heavy, hanging, matte