Monday, February 23, 2009

Gaucho pants

Gaucho pants

Here is my latest experiment, I've made a pair of gaucho pants.
It is made of stretch denim and is really comfortable to wear. I'm not a big fan of the HUGE and WIDE shape of real gaucho pants, but this subtle pair in indigo color is OK by me. Actually, I think I love them! They look cute, don't they.

To be honest, I think I had the least affinity with fly fronts on any pants, simply because they seemed completely complicated and difficult to assemble! I knew it's just the silly ignorance and I must have sewn many garments with more "complicated" details, but it's been quite difficult to conquer the feeling. This pair has got a lining, which could be more "difficult" to sew than those without linings, but I could finish the fly front without a problem (I had quite many thinking-times, though). Yay for me who is more confident with fly fronts!


gaucho pants
pattern: anneecotton* gaucho pants
fabric: stretch denim, indigo with hint of silver, cotton/nylon/polyurethane=80/17/3, about 1.45m x 1.3m
other: fusible interfacing (very hard, on the waist band)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

my sheer jacket

I've made a jacket using the same pattern as "the jacket for the party in vain". I liked the pattern very much, but I also knew there was not much use of such lacy and sparkling jacket. So, I decided to make another for my everyday life.

sheer jacket

The fabric I used consists of two layers of very thin organza (attached lightly to each other). One layer is pale pink, and another looks, so to say, gold. This combination of the colors makes the fabric glittering under the faint light, and also gives a taste of pink under the daylight.
I used the pink layer for the right side.

sheer jacket
sheer jacket

Have a lovely week!

my sheer jacket (shawl collar)
pattern: anneecotton* cardigan/jacket 277A
fabric: sheer fabric, shiny pink-gold, polyester/acetate blend, about 1.45m x 1.4m
other: fusible interfacing (thin and long half biased tapes for keeping its shape on the armholes and the neckline)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Tina" for daughter

This is the dress which I've made for my daughter for the party.
She rarely wears dresses, but tried it on for a day to make me happy. Thanks!

The dress has many pintucks in front, and I think they are pretty on her.
"tina" for M
pattern: anneecotton* Tina
fabric: blue wool jersey, thick and warm about 1.5m x 2m

Have a great week!

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Brigitte" for winter

brigitte, originally uploaded by yoshimi_ the flying squirrel.
"Brigitte" is the name of a dress. She is a lovely high-waisted sleeveless dress, which has been one of my favorites. I've sewed it twice, with a cotton satin and a polyester shantung for summery weather. This time I made this dress for winter, with this gorgeous pearly tweed, experimentally. I thought I'd wear it as more like a "jumper dress" so that I could keep myself warm without a sleeve in winter.
By sewing slightly(1~2mm) inside of the seam allowances, I made it a bit bigger than the original size, as I wanted to wear some layers underneath the dress. Actually it was very successful and I can wear a LOT without looking too bulky.
dress "brigitte" in cream
dress "brigitte" in cream
I really like this puffy skirt of the dress, and I thought the shape would be very pretty on wintry dress. I am very pleased how it turned out!

Though we have a quite mild weather both in winter and in summer, we are still in the middle of coldness. I hope my family don't catch the flu any more until the spring comes!

brigitte in winter
pattern: anneecotton* Brigitte
fabric: tweed fabric in cream, cotton/polyester/etc-blend, about 1.5x1.5m
other: fusible interfacing (thick&soft on neckbands)