Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Season's Greetings!

Hello, I hope you're doing super fine!
I know it's all kind of sudden, but this is a giveaway post!

I have got some of these pink capsules recently. As you might be able to guess from the picture above, each capsule contains a miniature toy that is handcraft-themed. I love these cute miniatures, and guessed that you might like them too. So I decided to have my annual mini giveaway event now instead of having it in February. Please join this event if you don't mind to take your time to leave a comment!

In Japan, we have small toy-dispensing machines that sell these kind of capsuled toys everywhere. It's obviously a way of purchasing toys, but it's a kind of game too. It's called "gachapon" game. You can choose which series of toys you pay for, but you can't really choose which specific toy you get. It seems a silly way of spending money, but all children (and many mature people) love this game. If you are not too sure about them with my written expression, please have a look at this video which explains "gachapon" very well (a bit long, but still interesting, I think).

So, of course, we have handcraft-themed gachapon too. I have got a sewing machine, a skein of knitting yarn, and a card of button thread for myself. All these are so cute, aren't they? I would like to send each capsule of unopened gachapons to three giveaway winners. Only the winners will know what's inside (because the prize capsules haven't been opened ). The series has 5 types of gadgets with some color variations and each winner will get one of those in the pictures below. Do you fancy? I bet they will bring you better sewing skill in 2016 2015 too ;-)

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== please read ==
If you would like to join this giveaway and get one of those gachapon toys, please leave a comment in this post with your name. Leave your comment (no need of contacting address) before new year 2015 of your standard time. Comment section will be closed after deadline. Anyone can participate. Three winners will be picked by me, randomly. The winners will be announced in the next blog post. Be one of the lucky winners!

By the way, I've finished my faux fur jacket lately. I hope I'll have a chance for photos very soon!

Have a really good time, everyone.