Thursday, July 28, 2011


First of all, I'd love to tell that I appreciate every single comment you made on the last post very much. I felt your kind hearts and it was overwhelming. Thank you for saying me that I'm not boring, it was really really kind. I was feeling like a child who had a fall down on the ground, looked at the mother, and heard her saying "it's OK, darling" to making sure it's OK. The words from those who you trust can easily blow away your uncertainty.

That said with my sincere thoughts, I am a bit sad about what I wrote. I have to say that I was not willing to mention in the last post that I dislike to receive people's opinion. I didn't want to give a special focus to the fact that I was hurt by the comment. I didn't write it for seeking a consolation either. I wanted to tell you why I start and continue sewing my stuff and how I evaluate what I am currently making for myself. And why I blog as well. I am happy about the situation between me and sewing although the prominence of it is very subtle to others (sorry I say this kind of things again but I say it here for making the story clear to understand). And I wanted to share my feeling with you, those who would like to read my writing, because I thought some of you might be understanding my story. I wanted to show off my idea that I'm terribly OK with my trashy boring handmade because I am believing in what I am doing to be good, after one and big consideration.
 I should understand that I have failed in writing to make the post enough clear about it.

That said and that said, I think you have read me as I wished too. I understand why you left so much kind comments to encourage me to discount the incident, it's because, it is very understandable that getting unkind comments from anonymous would hurt. Actually it effectively hurts almost everybody who receive such comments, greatly or slightly, and it does especially affect those who never imagine to make efforts to leave unkind comments to other internet users. Because you are not the people who dare to try leaving whatever unkind comments, you kindly urge to make me feel better about it. I certainly received your kind soul that is absolutely 100% shared with me. Thank you very much, dear.

I rushed to write this for showing my appreciation and thoughts. Please excuse me if there are so many strange expressions and mistakes in my writing. I hope you discount them. I hope you extract my thankful thoughts from it too.

Happy sewing!


Monday, July 25, 2011

simple and satisfying sewing

Another easy tiered skirt and a simple pullover (with peeping shoulders!) I had a great fun with thinking how they would go with each other while I was sewing them. I think they turned out pretty well as I hoped.

Please be warned, I think I'm going to mumble funnily today.

In recent years, I'm quite happy with what I sew. To me they seem just right on me, although I know that they are not too special or very distinguishing to others.

That said, I remember that I wasn't feeling relaxed this much some time ago. I didn't tell this to anybody until now, but I tell you that I had been said once by some stranger over internet that I was a very boring seamstress and I only generated something similar and tedious. I was fairly discouraged by the opinion. I felt as if I was rated bad and given a serious verdict.

Looking back, the fact was that, I stupidly didn't know what was important and what was not to me at that time. Thanks to the experience, I started considering what my sewing was. Do I have to sew a variety of all kind of clothes for the sake of showing them off to amuse the public to be a certificated blogger? No. Should I keep seeking new techniques for telling everybody that I have mastered them? No. That's wonderful to have something to tell, but as far as I am concerned, it's not necessary to create something spectacle to tell in my sewing.

My main purpose in my sewing is undoubtedly dressing myself to look nice, but not to look wearing nice clothes. (I hope you know what I mean.) I have low self esteem for my appearance and I really and fully need my clothes helping me. I tend to look a bit better in simple, un-authoritative, and well-fitted clothes, so I stick to such kinds of them. Sewing is not necessary if my wishes are fulfilled by retailed garments, but it rarely happens to me in spite of the fact I get what I wish by my sewing so very easily.

In reality, there are some people who can do nothing but blame other people for not providing what they exactly wished, they keep doing it even in other people's blogs, and I came to understand that I didn't like to share such feelings with them soon after the "opinion" incident. My sewing is naturally to be boring, to observe, darlings. And it's more than fine with me, because it's working. I write my sewing, because I am hoping to tell you that sewing is so much fun and also very rewarding for us in each personal way.

And why I blog? I really love to be your sewing friend too. You probably knew it. Phew! I guess I had too much gibberish today. Excuse me!

I love my newest boring outfit, and I reckon I look shining in them...yay...

Tiered skirt
sewed same as this skirt, lengthened much. Polyester georgette, very light.
Peep shoulder pullover
pattern: Garnet pullover from tamanegi-kobo (PDF pattern)
fabric: Tencel rib jersey, soft, thin, stretches very well, very light grayish beige.
1 smaller size was chosen and also printed out to reduce to 97%, because the fabric I used was a rib jersey and it stretches madly.

I crocheted the belt too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I sewed three summer dresses.

Hope you all are doing well!

I sewed three summer dresses lately. Two of them are for me, and one is for my new torso. Yes, one of my friends kindly asked if I'd like to use the one which she no longer used, and I am finally equipped with a dress form!
I'm yet to understand what will be changing by living with the device, but it certainly makes me feel committed. Hi everyone, I'm scared. What if I lose my interest in sewing afterward? Is it going to be a space-occupying speechless gizmo?  (I sincerely hope not!)

The first dress
I sewed it as a muslin for the pattern to check the size and also to check the device, the dress was completely wearable, though.
Pattern: Fluorite from tamanegi-kobo (dress, PDF pattern)
Fabric: plaid cotton, similar to quilting cotton

The second dress
Another dress from the same pattern was adjusted to my measurements. It is made in my kind of print so that I can be comfortable in it on a hot day.
Pattern: Fluorite from tamanegi-kobo (dress, PDF pattern)
Fabric: light and plain woven linen, flowery printed, embroidered.

The third dress
This dress is made from the fabric with horizontal stripes. The grain is bias. I wished the stripe pattern to give an interesting feel to this simple dress, and I think it did sorta so.
Pattern: p852 from annee-pattern (dress, Paper pattern)
Fabric: soft, loose and plain woven linen, horizontal stripe pattern.

Have a happy day!