Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring has come.


I have been quiet and it was probably the longest silence of this blog. I hope you've been having great days in sewing-wise and otherwise!

As for me, I hadn't sewn much for months because my motivation was like a well that went dried a hundred years ago. It was sad, but it was a naturally occurred silence of my sewing. Anyway, the last couple of months was for the time to confirm that I technically had more than enough handmade clothes to live my life too (shame). There was, and is, no need to make new clothes for me.

Having prefaced with some mutter, the warmer season has come finally. It came to my family as well as others in the neighborhood, rather promptly. Our daughter entered the college in this spring and she needed some new clothes and new fabric equipments, such as curtains and a pretty laptop PC sleeve, and she asked me to sew them in the fabrics of her choice. How can I NOT be excited to be asked to sew for the person who I thought was the last human being to ask me such things? I recently restarted sewing a bit upon her request, and I find I love sewing (yahoo!)

PC sleeve: lined, interfaced, and heavily padded for protection

Daughter in Spring shirt: pattern Archer from Grainline Studio 

Though I have only few rambling pictures of my recent results to show you in this post, I hope you see that I'm sewing and doing very fine. I hope that I will have a chunk of time for sewing my clothes very soon. I hope I'll be able to blog something a little bit interesting here too. I think I hope everything that I can hope this moment. Haha:)
And above all, I hope you all are having a great day.

Archer has butterflies all over (the fabric is pretty, isn't it?)

Cloud-like cardigan: pattern Pris from Tamanegi-kobo

Skirt for a breeze: pattern Snowdrop from Tamanegi-kobo


P. S. These photos are almost the same ones as I posted to Instagram sometime before. I'm occasionally posting photos of my sewing projects to Instagram at the moment. Many of my regular pictures are not very sewing-related, though, please check my account if you are interested. I hope to see you there too!

Something extra: my mother in her Sashiko jacket, presenting her new Sashiko fabric in progress.