Monday, September 19, 2011

burda style magazine 01/2011 V-back dress #128, my tunic version


I've got this beautiful silk with flowery embroidery recently. I knew it would look nice and gorgeous if I made it into a dress, but you know what, I just couldn't. I made a tunic with it so that I could have more chances to enjoy my sewing result. Beautifully embroidered white silk dresses don't do anything in my life... unfortunately. I'm really happy while I'm sewing, but I'm even happier when I'm tasting my fruits. Greedy!

My lovely friend Kapo dropped by and we had a fun night out. The tunic was pretty enough for the great dinner we had.

I wrote a review for PR this time. I hope it can be helpful to some of you.

Happy sewing to all of you!
Much love,


pattern: burda style magazine  01/2011 V-back dress #128
fabric: silk habotai, embroidered, milk white, light, not sheer, soft. matching linen jersey for the hem band, shiny, thin, less stretchy.

Pattern Description:
Fold over V-back dress, Loose fit. 3/4 sleeves. I omitted the skirt and made it as a tunic.
Pattern Sizing:
34-42, I used 34, which was one size smaller than my regular choice.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Probably I'd better to say no, because the V open in the back seemed more revealing on me than it looked in the sample pictures. I had imagined that it would be so by looking at the technical drawings, so it wasn't surprising to me, though. I made a tank top as an undergarment for this tunic using the matching fabric to the hem band.
Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes I think so.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I liked the V open. I was doubtful whether the tunic would successfully stay sitting on my shoulder, and that actually became a problem. I put a pair of shoulder strap fasteners on the inside of shoulder seams and they did make my tunic wearable.
Fabric Used:
I used a silk habotai, which had a beautiful embroidery all over. The color of the fabric as well as the embroidery was milk white. I also used some shiny white gray linen jersey for the bottom hem band.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I omitted the skirt and also shortened the bodice by 5cm(2in), and added the hem band which was about 7cm(2 3/4in) in width. The sleeves were shortened by 5cm(2in). There was no zipper needed when I tried a muslin, so I omitted the zipper for this tunic too.
I cut all my parts in the vertical grain, because of the pattern of embroidery.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
No, probably no more tunic in this pattern, because I only need one copy from this design. I'd be happy to recommend this if you like the V-back, as it is very charming. You may feel you need a suitable undergarment for the V back, because it is wide open. I needed a pair of shoulder strap fasteners to keep the cloth hanging on my shoulders, and I definitely recommend them too.
This pattern is very easy to make, and also very fun to put on. I liked my one to be a top(tunic), but I think that dress versions would be pretty too.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

sewing for her, sewing for fun

Hello there!

I've sewn some garments for my sister, as it's getting cooler and we're feeling like new clothes.

The other day and for the first time, my little sister asked me if I could sew just one pair of pants that was similar to the pair I made last autumn for her. And of course, I was pretty happy to be asked like that! It sounded as if she loved the last pair and chose asking me to make another pair instead of buying something smart from the shops. Though I didn't know if my fantastic idea was true or a real fantasy, it was enough to excite me to finish too many garments sewn for her. I sewed two pair of pants, a shirt, a pullover, a cardigan, and a bag, and named the group of those newly handmade clutters "a pair of pants".

I made these for her in case she needs to go hiking wearing pink and brown.
I sewed the shirt in case she needs to go to library in a flowery shirt.
I promptly sent them over in a BIG box and she politely let me know that it reached at her without any delay. She also reported me that they were all perfectly perfect on her and she loved them at all. I doubt it. I would be frightened if the two words of "a pair" turned into a BIG box. I'm sure she regretted the consequences, definitely.

I also sewed for myself, slowly. My latest finished garment is this cream yellow pullover. This is kinda cotton copy of my favorite woolen pullover, which I bought(oops) for this winter from Yoji Yamamoto. This has a twisted funny grain in the upper half and it causes charming creases in the lower half. The fabric I used has fine silver bias stripes on it, and because of them, the pullover may be even more confusing in grain-wise in the eyes. Said that, this is funny but very simple PO and I'm very happy with the result.

My sarrouel kind of pseudo jodhpurs were described in this post too.

Have a happy weekend!