Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lightly and softly

My 2013 started with a delight, with my whole family in my parents' house.

It's been long since the last post. I've been doing fine, sewed a lot, and knitted a bit. I hope you've had a great time in this winter holiday season too.

These are my new sweater and skirt that were finished quite recently. (Actually, the long-sleeve high neck T shirt in mint color is also one of my recent creations.)
The light blue sweater took me months and months, but hooray! It finally is wearable. I whipped up a skirt with flowery patterned light polyester for the sweater too.

I love this outfit, I think the colors are lovely for the eyes in this time of the year. They look certainly not very wintry, but I have warm coat to wrap me in anyway. I'm waiting for spring to come! Days are getting longer day by day in my side of the sphere of our planet.

By the way, while I was silent here, I spent much time for thinking what to sew and how to dress in 2013.
This year,
1. I will try to look cool and mature in my handmade clothes. I allow myself to experience failures, but I try to choose being proud of myself rather than feeling good with easy cosmetic distinctions when I consider my projects.
2. For acquiring sewing skill, I will also try to give myself some projects which don't fit into the category described above but are technically more advanced.

Sounds serious?
In short, I'm happily ready for sewing lovely clothes for middle-aged myself, and finally got ambition to sew better this year.

What are your new year's resolutions, on sewing?
Are they very specific? Or are they something general, like mine?

Happy 2013 to you all!


Light Blue Cashmere Sweater
pattern: "Hayward" by Julie Hoover
Cashmere lightweight yarn, probably around sock weight.
You can find detail in my Ravelry page.

New Year Tiered Skirt
no pattern
fabric: Polyester flowery print lightweight fabric and off-white polyester jersey lining.
Smocked waistband, tiered seaming.
I can also use it as a floor length skirt if I hang it a bit lower, as it has an elastic waistband.