Tuesday, October 11, 2011

mohair and silk

I wanted this very long.
I wanted that very red.
And I wanted both very simple.

The skirt in sky blue is made of silk twill. Shimmering. Long. Flow-y.

The red pullover is made of mohair knit. Red(i said it twice). Soft. Short. Hairy.

They're too simple to describe, sewing-wise, as you can see everything at a glance. The only truth that you don't get from the pictures is that I laundered the skirt twice before hemming it. I wished to give the silk skirt a casual look before finishing it by washing it like a cotton denim skirt. A sewing extravaganza, eh? ... oh... I see your grin, trying to let me know that you had recognized my extravaganza by those creases before I said anything. Then I really have nothing to report today. Oh well.


pattern: Tamanegi-kobo Jade skirt
lengthened very much, top stitches, over-sized.
Fabric: silk twill, light sky blue, drapey, fairly heavy, shimmery.


pattern: Tamanegi-kobo Wilma Tunic dress, scooped neck(B)
shortened everywhere.
fabric: mohair knit, red, loose, soft, spongy, warm.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

green joker

Joker is the name of the pattern, for these pants.

I've been very keen on green pants since this summer. I envied every one of green pairs I encountered in the magazines and the fashion web sites, but I was too inefficient to do anything other than looking at. I only stared at them because I believed that no green pants would suit me in this world. There was absolutely some psychotic silliness as well as depression around me, because it was nothing but my preconception that was preventing myself from the beautiful color. Eventually and successfully, I encouraged myself to upset the queer balance, and materialised my pair in this subdued peacock green. Yes, I am no longer a person with a meaningless jealousy. Problem solved, personality ameliorated. I'm secretly improving.

Much love,

pattern: Tamanegi-kobo Joker pants, B belt (high-waisted)
lengthened, back patch pockets

Fabric: wool georgette, matte, green, drapey, soft, fairly bodied