Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Giveaway

I'm happy to announce that I have a small giveaway today. I used a lovely Missoni fabric recently and got a fair amount of remnant. Then I got an idea too!

Click to enlarge photographs.
Toys are not included in the giveaway, as probably suspected.
If you would like the headband that I made as my Valentine gift, I'll be happy to send it to you. This brown-ish shabby handmade headband might not be very perfect for dressing up, but I insist to tell you that the fabric is perfect and lovely, and I also mutter that it has to be most useful for anybody who washes the face in the morning! Happy washing plus smooth and bright face guaranteed (but you shouldn't trust me).
'Clover Needle Sharpener & Polisher'
Moreover, I would like to add one more gift onto the headband. My headband can't be good enough for you to tap your keyboard, of course. A 'Clover Needle Sharpener and Polisher' will be sent along with the headband, to make this giveaway relatively decent. I think this tool is too cute to ignore! I know many of us seamstresses who sew clothes don't sharpen the hand sewing needles very often, but I guess you would like to keep this antique-looking lovely gadget in your tool box just in case, wouldn't you?

I managed to make two of them and my one looks almost the same as the one for you.
If you like to get my Valentine present, please leave your comment below. I am going to close the comment box at noon on 21th(JST=UTC+9) and will pick one winner by random drawing if there are more than one comment on this post. Anybody in any area on our planet can be involved in the draw. Please do not forget to fill in your e-mail address (which will not be disclosed to the public), otherwise to make sure that I can send you a message through your commenting ID, because those comments without any valid e-mail address will not be included in the draw.

Wishing you a lovely Valentine's day!
Thank you for visiting my blog regularly.
Thank you for leaving your comments on my posts.
I wish you know how happy I am to have you, here.

*I referred to this site(written in Japanese) to make the headbands. Thank you, tekara!


22th February 2011
Thank you all for the comments on the giveaway post!
I'm happy to announce that the random generator chose 6 among the numbers from 1 to 33, and therefore the winner is Sertyan who left 6th comment on the post. Congratulations, Sertyan, I hope you'll like my gift!

Thank you every one of you for visiting my blog, I hope you are having a wonderful day no matter where you are!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Cape collar pullover

I've been eying this highly-rated shawl collar pullover at Anthropologie for a while. I probably took too much time for just eyeing it, because the season was almost gone and people started talking about the summer outfit when I awoke from the daydream. Instead of ordering it, I shook my head and decided to sew it for myself immediately. There you see my version of shawl(cape) collar pullover, here. Yes, I made this fluffy thing. People now start talking pre-winter fashion. Well, I'm almost a lap behind in the race with sewing wintry clothes...

Leaving that aside, I have a beautiful friend who always amazes me with her lovely self-sewn outfit. We share a similar, but not the same, taste in clothes in my opinion, and she's been my living eye-candy since I met her for the first time. Actually and coincidentally, we gradually found that we hid quite a few pairs of exactly same shoes and also same bags sometime in different colors in our closets. At the beginning, I used to feel pretty embarrassed by the fact that I had same pairs of shoes as hers, because I felt that I was the pitiful one who cunningly tried to mimic a beautiful friend. I mean, like a horrifying type of stalkers. However, because we repeatedly found that we would choose the same things independently, and also because she didn't seem she minded me to be like this, I started feeling easy and recognizing it amusing. Phew, a long story.
When I saw her in a gorgeous own-made white boat neck pullover with this knit fabric on the other day, I just had to realize it was finally the real time TO MIMIC HER. I asked her if I could buy the same fabric (I know it is an awkward question), and she merrily smiled at me. I bought the fabric, and sewed a different type of pullover. I love it. I knew I would love it even before started, though.

Everything is under control, generally speaking.
Do you have somebody to mimic?

Happy sewing!
Much love,

pattern: cape-collar/boat neck pullover
from aviver paper patterns (paper pattern)
Bottom hem narrowed.
fabric: off-white knit fabric with fluffy stuff and ribbons,
stretch well, but not so recovering after stretched,
fairly thick, soft, hanging, loose.