Saturday, January 28, 2012

slow (but steady, hopefully)

I've been in the reading phase of internet sewing. I mean, I've been busy at reading your blogs but having no time to write. You around the world have so many interesting things to tell! I'm trying to avoid staying forever in front of my computer though, it takes so much time for even just checking all my big RSS list each day. Yes, it's lovely to know that there are many like-minded people on our planet indeed. However, maybe it's time for me to know that I shouldn't try to find them all. The thing is, I knew that for long. But it's a bit difficult to behave.

I've finished some small sewing projects. I like these two and I hope you find them interesting.

Venus skirt
When I saw the fabric, I had to buy it. I didn't know which pattern I could use for it, but thought that I had to keep it in my stash. That said, the fabric was transformed into an interesting skirt in a day after arriving at my house. I really love it! The only thing I regret is that I made the waist slightly larger to intend dropping the waistline a bit. I shouldn't have done that. It lowered the waistline successfully, but I don't think it fits better. I don't think it's prettier either. I can hide the waistline of this skirt for ever anyway. I love the whole package of this imperfect skirt as always.

pattern: Venus bustle skirt, from Tamanegi-kobo
fabric: off-white lace and pale grayish green wool jersey, layered as single fabric

Hatoto bag
I wished a hairy bag. Before the winter ends. You may laugh at me and the bag, but seriously we are in love with each other. You'll never been able to explain why/where chemistry exists!

pattern: Hatoto bag by yoshimi
fabric: Wool jersey, probably synthetic blend

Happy sewing!