Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Archer button up shirt

For me, spring is shirt. Correctly, I feel like making shirts at the onset of spring. Sometimes it comes early, sometimes it comes reluctantly. This year the feeling came to me very late, but this time it was very strong. In the night some days ago, Saturday night, I suddenly needed an indigo shirt for this spring. Next morning I went off to the shopping mall for hunting some indigo-dyed dungaree, muttering "dungaree dungaree dungaree, dungaree dungaree dungaree, ..." but without any actual sound. I am sure that there were at least 5 people who heard auditory hallucination from my brain activity in the mall. The emotion was that desperate.

Anyway, at the point I came to the only handcraft shop in the mall, though I was an insane, I was a happy one thinking I was going to buy a nice fabric for my shirt. However, you know what happened, I found that they didn't have any decent apparel fabrics any more. They now have fabrics only for school bags and table napkins (or something similar) because, I dunno, because they decided to annoy me. I was disappointed but couldn't give it up for a while. I hung around its small fabric corner for more than an hour knowing that I was not getting any fiber material from the rack. I sighed. I am mature enough to know that wrong fabrics make wrong clothes. Still muttering, I was finally on my way home. Then I noticed there was one UNIQLO store between me and my car. I dropped in to make a double check they didn't have my fabric either. Well, actually, they had. After spending some more time in UNIQLO and I bought two of men's shirts from the rack of discount, calling them fabrics. I am not doing it all the time, but I allowed myself to do it because it was a bad day.

And here you see my new dungaree shirt. The pattern is Archer button up shirt from Grainline Studio. I know some of you would like to see someone else's version of Archer shirt to check how it is like because it was released quite recently. I hope it helps you a bit.

Sleeve tops have unfaded sections from inside of the shoulder seams of the original shirt.
plackets and pockets are left intact. never mind the narrow space between 1st and 2nd button holes!

It has the seams that were originally side seams in the lower back because of the fabric width limitation. You may be distinguishing the old threads(yellowish off white) from new ones(off white).
I am so happy with my new shirt. I think it is my best favorite shirt ever. I am so glad that I dared to allow myself to consume two functioning (not for me though) shirts to get my material. I am guilty but I'd count it as good that I learned a lot about constructions and inner materials of retailed shirts during disassembling. It wasn't a plan. But it was a very happy ending on the whole. On the whole. Okay, this is my say. Well... thank you for your patience!

Pattern: Archer button up shirt from Grainline Studio
-size6, graded down to size4 only around shoulders
-front plackets and front pockets were transplanted from one of the material shirts without disassembling.
-sleeves were shortened because the shortage of material.
-height of collars was lowered by 0.5cm
(my measurements are 166-91-72-91cm/5'5"-36-28-36inch)
Fabric: Shirting cotton plain woven, probably chambray, or thinner dungaree, indigo blue, micro-dots in off white, pre-washed, resourced from retailed men's shirts

Pattern: Stretch skinny pants from Pumila (shop closed)
Fabric: Stretch cotton twill, very light gray

Talk to you soon!!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Me-Made-March '13 Nippon

How have you been lately? I've been, certainly, busy.

It's totally because that I've been taking part of Me-Made-March '13 Nippon challenge since this month started. If you would like to know exactly what the challenge is, please read this post from Zoe and you'll know it better than listening to my explanations.

Each day I'm choosing my outfit including at least one me-made garment, taking photographs, uploading a photograph to my Flickr album, and visiting sites of other Japanese participants to worship their achievements. Feeling very busy. So far it goes nice and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm hoping that I can keep my pace and smile on the last day of this challenge. Wish me luck!

So, I'd like to share some photographs from my album here with you after half March is gone.
Though I didn't state anything about it in my pledge, I'm secretly focusing on enjoying photography in this challenge. It doesn't mean that I'm trying to be technical, but I mean I'm trying to capture lovely moment of my garments. I hope you'll feel it from my pictures.

Day11-color blocking
the green skirt is store bought
the sweater and jeans are store bought

I think I'd like to write separate blog posts for some of garments on which I haven't written here, as there are some that might be interesting to you.

My Flickr album for MMM'13 Nippon (written in Japanese)

Okay, now I'm off to sew.
Have a lovely day!

yoshimi xoxo