Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bibi DIY dress

I started sewing my own clothes 5 years ago.
I really love doing it. Although I'm a self taught sewer, I think I've done pretty much a lot of garments until now.
Having said that, I can remember clearly each one of my creations. And surely this should be the hardest project of all. This looks just a simple dress, though.

I made it in summer, 2007.
It's got a fitted body and a very wide tiered skirt.
I thought that it must be beautiful in silk chiffon, but I realized that it was just impossible for me to do as planned after a muslin!

Too many tucks, too much fabric in one dress.

You may not see all those tucks but I counted them for you. There were 126 on the skirt (and pretty much gather work on the body, too)...... well...
I chose this feather-light cotton instead but still it was hard to assemble precisely. As I was not so skilled at that time, and I still am not, it took me one looong day just for tucking a skirt. I almost fed up, but I somehow stayed patient and could finish it. This is the result.
Looking at the photos of the I feel like making another. Yes?... maybe.

Yesterday, I asked the tailor to do my button holes on a new coat.
I hope I can show it to you soon.

Have a happy day!

Bibi dress
pattern: anneecotton* Bibi
fabric: cotton voile for fashion fabric, off-white cupro for lining
other: invisible zipper (long), fusible interfacing (thin)

Bibi DIY dress


  1. Hi, I know you from Flickr. The dress is lovely!

    If the result is good it's worth all the time it took doing it, isn't it? And even if the result is somewhat disapointing, you've always learnt someting.

    Good luck with your blog!

  2. Hello Frida! Thanks for the first comment and your kind words! Yes, it was hard, but I've been pretty much rewarded from doing it, indeed!

  3. Yay yay yay! Yoshimi in English!!!

    The dress is so pretty. Defintiely worth all the effort. Can't wait to see your coat!

  4. cutfingerproductionsDecember 18, 2008 at 11:56 AM

    Hello friend!! I am soo pleased you are blogging!! You know I love your works:) I'm excited to hear how you make the magic!:)
    Yay!for you Yoshimi!:)

  5. Thanks EmilyKate, thanks Laura!

    yay... for me! ^.^

  6. This is very neat to have you blogging in English, I've admired your stuff on Burdastyle, flickr, and your other blog.
    This is a lovely, lovely dress!
    I love the fabric and the lace.
    I want to make one too.
    One change that would speed up (and alter) the skirt on the dress would be to gather it instead of tucking.
    I might try that...

  7. Hi Bee! Thanks for your kind words!
    YES! I agree with you, it must be much quicker to gather the skirt instead of tucking, and I'd love to try, too. ... Oh if I was able to expect what was happening when I started!

  8. Absolutely worth it. One special dress. I like the spinning photo! It shows the fullness nicely.


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