Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cherry Pink Eva

First of all, I really want to thank you all for your comments on my past posts! I'm quite sorry for being so lazy and incapable to reply to all your comments, but every single comment always makes me very happy. Thank you so much! (^_^)


I made this pink top for this coming summer. It has got raglan sleeves with subtle puffy ends. I love these sleeves and am very satisfied with how it turned out.

I am just grumbling with the fact that I need to put on a jacket or something over it right now, because the spring weather is too cool for a real summer clothing! There is no chance for the world to find its pretty sleeves under the jacket. Now it is indistinguishable from any pink T shirt, or even from a pink tank top. grr I knew it!

By the way, I'd be grateful if you could tell me your tips to make me happily stop concentrating on coming season's clothes too much... although I think you'd agree with me that it's so exciting to plan what to wear in the next season, if you have the seasons, no matter how much obvious they are. We have spring, summer, autumn & winter, and there are quite big temperature shifts between the seasons. Unfortunately, I also love to put on my new clothes when they come, straight from my sewing bench. Well, ahem, thus I always look slightly funny wearing something too cold or something too hot all year round before its appropriate season. No harm to anybody else, though.


Anyway I made the top.
The fabric I used is linen jersey. It is very soft and comfy!
views from side and back can be seen here.

pattern: anneeduex* Eva (PDF downloaded)
fabric: linen jersey 107cm x slightly over 100cm
other: fusible interfacing on facing (neckband, soft&thick)


  1. That fabric sounds perfect for summer weather. I imagine that it will feel cool and dry even when it's hot and humid. I love the color you picked and it goes well with your super cute shoes.

    I've been living in Japan for almost 10 years now and one thing I've noticed is that people dress with multiple layers. It's best for spring because the temperature is constantly changing and it's rainy and windy. People start to wear fall clothes in August. For myself it's way too hot but maybe I would look for a top that has some new fall design detail but with short sleeves or no sleeves at all. However, I think your clothes are so stylish you should just wear what you want when you want.

  2. Hi Akazukin, thanks for your comment. I think I know what you say! I think people are much more patient to hotness than to coldness in Japan, so most people start to wear fall clothes quite early. In contrast, I'm rather heat sensitive, and I'd definitely love to get some clothes you described. You made me think that it might be good to divide a season into early-mid-late stages so that I can plan my clothing for early stage in more comfortable fabric&detail with season-advanced designs (I hope I'm writing understandable...). Yey it sounds better than to stop thinking!

  3. looking at your creations makes me want to visit japan just for shopping fabrics and craft kits!!

  4. Hi Yoshimi!

    I love looking at your creations. I sew as a hobby and i managed to purchase patterns from Anneedeux's pdf shop. Thankfully i read alittle japanese and kanji so that made things easier.


    Brenda from Singapore

  5. Thanks for leaving your comments!

    >Brenda, I suppose it would be easier to purchase the patterns from them when you can read kanji! Good luck and happy sewing to you!

  6. Hi Yoshimi - your clothes - and photos of them - are so gorgeous!
    I really like the top in this post and went to the anneedeux site. But I can't read it and it seems that the links have changed - and there isn't a top there that looks the same as the one you made. I'm thinking that it's no longer offered?
    Looking forward to your next creations!

  7. Hi Dalila!
    Thanks for your comment! Thank you for letting me know the link was dead too, actually it was because they have moved its page as you said! I've put a new link and it seems working. Hope it helps. I'll try to help you if you need some help to translate the language, too. Good luck!


Thank you for your comments!!