Monday, August 17, 2009

Fatina in white with black piping


I made Fatina dress from BurdaStyle.
I love this ivory white cotton which has fine embroideries and stripy wrinkles on it. After making the black dress (the knock-off), I was so stimulated in color-wise, and I wanted to sew something in very opposite color. I pulled out this fabric from the pile of my treasures straight away, and so I sewed it.

Because I realized that the muslin in my regular size was apparently bigger than I needed, and also because my fabric has some elasticity, I cut my fabric in much smaller size (34). I also shortened the length by 6cm. I didn't use bias strips for the armholes, but attached the facings. I have put the narrow black pipings on the armholes, collars, and hem as well.

The dress was very simple to make, but piping hems took so much patience and time. I generally enjoyed the process to finish, and am very satisfied with the result. I am especially happy with the length and the back slit of the skirt (would you say "skirt" if the dress has no seam across the waist like this?). Though pipings are optional on Fatina dress and you might barely see the tiny piping of mine at all, I like them on this dress!


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  1. Wow, how much work you have spent in piping hems. You did so well to use black as a strong contrast. The dress has such a classic and elegant look !

  2. Oh, GORGEOUS. The black piping sets it off so perfectly. Just such a crisp, chic look.

  3. I really like how this turned out. The shoes are perfect for the dress, too.

    Great job!

  4. Yoshimi, I'm new to your blog - but I already love it. Your sewing projects turn out so wonderfully! I've been checking out all your posts and the outfits. I was wondering if you would consider telling us where you get your AWESOME shoes and jeans (and other articles) in your posts? Thanks!

  5. Hi, GirlWithCurls! Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you like my sewing! About the shoes and jeans... thanks again for your kind comment, I'm taking it as a big compliment. However, to tell you the truth, I am always feeling guilty about my another habit (shopping), and I naturally and foolishly try to ignore the facts that I own because I shopped them. Because I am rather shy about telling my shopping generally, I'm sorry but it is a bit difficult for me to be inspiring for others in the field... I have no problem to answer to the individual inquiry at all though. These sandals in purple suede are from Chie Mihara, who is a charming Brazilian-born shoe designer living in Spain.


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