Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a shirt and a jacket

It's getting cooler and cooler day by day in my area. I've made two garments for the season.

a satin shirt

A shirt was made of slightly shiny satin, silk/cotton blend. I bought this fabric to make an under dress, but it was so pretty and I couldn't use it for hiding under my dress in the end. So I made this shirt. As I'm not a good shirt wearer, I tried to make it like blouse as much as possible. I hid front buttons underneath a front flap, chose a narrow stand collar, and omitted pockets, waist darts and topstitches. I think I can say I did well. I really love this color, and I'd love to wear it often in this autumn.

silk-cotton satin shirt
pattern: anneecotton* BL5023(shirt)
size: 40
fabric: silk55 cotton45 satin plain woven, soft and bouncy shirting fabric. 112cm x 170cm

a Columbo jacket

I have been curious about jackets with big silhouette, but never had a chance to try before. When Miho started her shop, the first line-up included this big jacket called Columbo, and I had no way to dismiss it. This is my first tailor-collared jacket sewn by myself, too. I used this pale gray wool gabardine for making it. When I found this fabric on an online shop, I thought I was really lucky. This is a fabric same as ones for the jackets from Loro Piana, and it was miraculously discounted (because of this funny mice-y color). Hey I don't mind the gray at all!

The sewing of this jacket was easier than I had imagined, and I'm enjoying the result! A very big jacket brings my style a fresh breeze and I feel good in it. I love my Columbo! Actually I think the color suits me rather than other deep colors, because I mostly wear pale colors and they match to this gray anyway.


Columbo jacket
pattern: TAMANEGI-KOBO Columbo(jacket)
size: JPN11
   (JPN9 at around the shoulders, as my shoulders are proportionally narrower than other parts)
fabric: wool gabardine, about 148cm x 220cm

 *I used a pair of 20mm buttons on the cuffs, instead of using 2 sets of 15mm buttons as said in instruction).
The pair of pink buttons was a kind gift from my French friend. Thank you, Helene!!

 *The corners on cuffs, hem, collar, and lapel were slightly rounded.
 *I put only left mock pocket on the chest, but omitted the right one.
 *Invisible hemming was done by hand, instead of straight stitching by sewing machine.

Take care!


  1. I LOVE the grey coat that you made! It's so lovely and chic. Now I want to make one :):):)

  2. I love the coat, such a nice colour and a great shape!

  3. These are both great creations! I love the dress under the coat, too! Everything you make is so lovely!


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