Monday, November 23, 2009

sister pants

 I've made two pairs of 3 tuck pants.

 I made two pairs (I said it twice) in the same fabric in different sizes, using a pattern. It may sound that I start mass production, but it's not the case! It was kinda an experiment.

 After finishing the one pair of these, I noticed that I could squeeze myself into a size smaller, and also that I couldn't resist to see how I look in different-sized same pants. I wouldn't think such thing if I was talking about jean pants, because I'd rather think I just look either of a woman in a tighter jeans or a woman in a larger sized jeans. But this time I imagined that different sizes of these kind of trousers on one person(me) might give very different styles and impressions. So I dared to check!

The pattern I used was for one of harem pants (called also sarrouel pants) from TAMANEGI-KOBO. The pants look quite similar to the ordinarily tucked pants, but actually they have a slight but obvious dropped crotch to give one tiny hint of those harem pants. I really like it.

the first (size9)
sorry for the photo, it's just a snap shot after an weekend lunch! lots of creases...

the second (lengthened a bit, size7)
Evan harempants
Evan harempants

As you probably agree with me, the impressions of those pairs are different.
The first pair (larger size) look more casual and gives more playful impression, and the second pair (smaller size, longer legs) looks more versatile and seems to fit for a matured wearer, staying on the side of fashion. It is not beyond expectations at all and it sounds so reasonable even without seeing the result, but I really love what I see here. I have learnt a lot about the idea of intended sizing for my future projects from these pairs. I also got two pairs of charming pants from one pattern in cheap. Lucky me!

Happy Sewing!

subtly sarrouel-y
pattern: Evan from TAMANEGI-KOBO (PDF, trousers)
size: JPN9 and JPN7

fabric: plain woven, wool:silk=80:20 blue gray, 150cm x 120cm/ a pair of pants

lengthen from the pattern by 2cm(larger one), 7cm(smaller one)


  1. I love them! They remind me of the pants I wore with my vintage blouse (on Burdastyle). I really want more pants in that style, it would be great for spring and summer, this pattern looks perfect. And they fit you very well! I like the fit of the second version the best. I think they would also look really great in a khaki or beige material, and slightly shorter legs. And in black...and navy...

  2. Hi, Yoshimi! Nice work, as always! I realize I am about 3 months late to the party, but I liked your versions of these pants so much, I bought this pattern to make myself. One thing I was hoping you could maybe help me with: does the pattern include any seam allowances? And if so, how much?


  3. Hi Olga, thanks for leaving your comment! The answer to your question is Yes. It includes both seam allowances and hem allowances. It depends, but all allowances are clearly indicated on the pattern itself as gray lines. Note that the gray line is not showing the seam line for any size except the smallest size, as it varies when the size is different. Please refer here,, "About our patterns"
    Good luck!!

  4. Thank you, Yoshimi -- this is very helpful.


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