Friday, April 2, 2010

additional notes for Kylie

Thank you for your great feedback on my sheer Kylie! I've had some enquiries here as well as via e-mails, it kinda surprised me and also made me happy to know that some of you'd love to try yours in similar fabrics.
I took some photographs to upload here for those who are interested in its construction (I mean seams and executions), they are.. errrr not so cute or artistic, though.

Actually it's been literally stormy for a day in my area, thus I couldn't find a good sunshine for taking pictures. I know you are wonderful to extract the essences from what you actually see in the pictures in blogs, so please let me rely on your eyes (again)!

1)Power net
I don't think polyester power nets are necessarily difficult to handle. It's much easier to sew power nets than to touch silk chiffons, I'm quite sure. They don't fray. They are not slippery. Cutting and sewing them are easy. Be careful not to stretch the seams when you bind them with your serger, we will be always rescued by the frantic ironing on messy stretched seams, though. It may be difficult to serge its hem in single layer without stretching, I guess.
By the way, I have lived with my serger for 4 years, and I'd describe myself as an advanced beginner or something similar in serger sewing.

I strongly prefer slim Ts to relaxed & roomy style of Ts in this kind of fabric, on me. I actually think power nets would be working OK with the patterns for very normal type of Ts, but I wouldn't choose them for myself because I'm not thin around my chest.
(supplementary notes: Sorry if I used too less words to explain, I wanted to say that I am a bit bulky around my chest comparing to other parts of my body, and if I wear this kind of T shirt loosely on me, I'd look having similar amount of lipid on my waist as well as on my chest because it wouldn't cling under bust. The gap between the garment and my underbust would look containing something other than air, that I guess not nice. I apologize for my poor explanation, if you felt it odd...)
I only know what would work well on me, so let you rely on and believe in your instinct for the better result with power nets. I'm sure you'll look fantastic in yours, because you are the person who knows and thinks of you most.

3)What I did
to my Kylie was, binding all pieces with serger as you see in the pictures. I've done nothing complicated. I didn't bother to look for threads for knits either, but the 4 threads serger binding with ordinary span threads was perfectly fine for my purpose. Hems were all done by baby narrow roll with serger (help! I don't know how you call it in English, but I suppose you understand what I say) before binding all pieces.

I hope it helps a bit.

much love,


  1. Great top. Love the fabric. Where did you purchase the fabric?

  2. Thank you for the additional information!

  3. This top really is super cute!

  4. That is just so pretty!!! I heart my Babylock serger, too. :)


  5. Thanks for the comments!! (^_^)
    Joanne, I bought it at a local fabric shop in Osaka, Japan. They are not specialized on this kind of fabric, but selling all sorts of fabrics. I found some online shops are selling power nets too, if you are interested.


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