Tuesday, June 5, 2012

yellow silk and floral ripple cotton

How are you doing?
Recently I'm in the sewing mode. At the moment I'm at a strange stage too. Each day, I feel as if I can find very pretty new-to-me fabrics and useful sewing notions within my stock. It's just that I don't remember what I bought in the past. However it's funny for me feeling like I'm getting lovely things for free each time I look into the shelf without actually buying them. I'm very forgetful and I usually feel humiliated by the fact, but this time it's amusing... at least, to me.

I found this yellow silk satin in the bottom of my drawer when I was looking for something colorful. It was a small piece of fabric, which I bought for a lady who was asking me to sew her dancing costume. When I brought and showed it to her as one of fabric suggestions, she didn't like it. I probably kept it in my drawer since then. I didn't like it either (uh-oh) some three years ago, but the point is, I liked it a week ago.

I made it into a sleeveless top, which I think is really pretty. I agree with you that it's VERY yellow and VERY silky (Indian dance was her speciality!) almost too much, but who cares?

I also found a ripple floral cotton which was neglected for long on my shelf. I tried to remember my thought on the purchase... and it was "It's a ripple fabric and has an intense print. It must be cool in it in summer time. I can wear it as a single layer. Though I don't like the print, I have to get it." Ha. I like the print now. Thus I insist that nothing is eternal.

Anyway, I made a dress with it. Every summer needs at least one summery dress for an appropriate start, I guess. I love its neckline, which is much higher than the past recent years. I feel it very new.

I hope you are sewing happily too!

forgetful yoshimi

yellow sleeveless blouse
pattern: from MPL, "curved neckline sleeveless dress" (paper pattern)
fabric: silk stretch satin, silk95/PU5
floral sleeveless sheath dress
pattern: from Annee-patterns, "8Charleen" dress (PDF pattern)
fabric: cotton ripple, almost same as Tana Lawn Liberty weight


  1. I love both! I also feel the same when I find fabric I bought long ago. The top is so lovely

  2. This is a very amusing post that you are able to find fabrics you love now in your stash. When u didn't previously! Both outfits really look sweet on you and they look so soft

  3. Love both these and they look very jolly and summery too! Well done on such an inspirational blog... I always pop in to see what you have been sewing and like your style. Thank you for sharing.xx


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