Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the ribbon dress

I sewed a dress with a cotton lace fabric. The pattern was the same as the one for the dress that I sewed in July. I have nothing special to tell you about it, except the ribbon on the waistline.

I bought this silk ribbon about 7 years ago. At La Droguerie. I was starting sewing my clothes at that time. I dropped by the shop because I wanted to buy some beautiful notions to make my handmade clothes looking better. Not knowing that that I'd never achieve it by just using pretty decorations. I mean, I was thinking something already beautiful, like sequins and ribbons, can help my shabby garments stylish. Maybe I was not very conscious about what I thought, but I had a wrong idea about it unfailingly. Beautiful notions sometime can make the garments even more beautiful, but they would never change the style of the garments. Maybe it can be said that they are a bit similar to facial make-up. They improve things nicer when applied efficiently, but they are not the face itself.

Anyway, this novice sewist was enchanted by the ribbon in the shop. It was very pricy but she didn't mind. She felt that miraculously cool "something" with the ribbon was surely promised. However, miraculously cool anything didn't come, simply because it was silly to buy a very expensive ribbon without any plan but greediness. The ribbon has been neglected since then. What a pathetic story. As it was very pricy, she's been too afraid to use it,

until this day.
She is happy with the dress, and the ending of this story as well.


pattern: Annee-patterns "Charleen" dress (PDF)
fabric: white lace cotton fabric, silk ribbon

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  1. Dear Yoshimi

    I can relate to your story because when I first started sewing I thought buying beautiful embellishment would help make a garment instantly prettier. It is not true when the embellishment is wrongly applied and looks alien on the outfit! Like you I have also accumulated some embellishment in my stash over the years but sometimes it is good to have them because you never know when it will come handy then it is a pleasant surprise and one feels so successful that one can actually use what they bought ages ago! I love your dress and the lace is just the perfect embellishment this time!


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