Tuesday, August 21, 2012

twisted top

Hello, dear!

Let's start with the picture below today. This is one of the pictures which I asked my husband to take for the purpose of recording my outfit, outdoor, in a beautiful garden, some days ago. You know what. I think I am so tiny in the picture...
(The reason why the picture itself is tiny here is my intention, not my husband's, by the way.)
I'm guessing almost none of us can see my smile in it.

Yes, he loves scenery and plant pictures but is not keen on portraits, as you probably suspect. sigh.


I shall stop grieving at my tininess in the pictures now. Instead, I tell you that I sewed this strange top in an autumnal color, to celebrate my survival from the summer.
This is basically same as the one I made a year ago (its blog post is here), and this also is a copy of my Yoji Yamamoto's twisted woolen pullover. I used a linen lace knit fabric this time. I'm very happy with my new top.

I had to trim away the vast area of the picture to get it, of course.
At workplace, I got a few compliments on it from my colleagues. I think it was probably because the top was too twisted for them to keep silent about the swirl. They couldn't miss its weirdness. Because this Yoji's design is truly and positively urban style, I think that people felt some stylishness even in my copy version, too.

It's fun to wear very noticeable garments, now and then, isn't it.

Happy sewing to you all!!
Much love,


  1. Gorgeous too with fabulous fabric.

  2. You look fantastic in your top and lovely fabric choice. You are very inspiring- thank you for sharing.xxx

  3. Hello,

    I'm from the other side of the world and discover your blog by visiting Lathelize's one. I would like to tell you how beautifull are your home made clothes. Very feminines, fits you perfectly and inspiring.
    I think I'll be back to read you ;-)

    From France.


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