Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 Autumn skirt


I bought an unique fabric and made a simple skirt in the last weekend. The fabric looked exactly like a fisherman's black net with colorful wool yarns weirdly tangled. Can you see from the picture? Despite of sounding awful in my explanations, it was, in fact, beautiful. It's like a piece of artwork without any theme.

I'm happy to know that this unconventional fabric makes a pretty and wearable skirt almost unexpectedly. It seems there is no conventional problem with the skirt including durability. I'm happy! I know you understand how the fabric is elaborated and different from other plain wintry fabrics because you sew and saw my pics, but I guess no one around me noticed I was wearing a skirt in fishery equipment. It may have smelled in the air though! The skirt looks merely lovely but in fact it is actually funny when watched closely. I like that!

Have you tried something adventurous or playful in your projects these days?

see? no problema!

Wishing you a great day.


Pattern: "9Cavarie" from Annee-patterns
Lengthened by 8cm
My first 9Cavarie can be seen here.
Fabric: woven fabric, embroidered with colored thick yarns on see-through net textured delicate probably acrylic black fabric. Partially felted in a purposeful manner on the wrong side.

Pattern: Pris from Tamanegi-kobo
Chose bigger size for loose fitting.
Fabric: Plain cotton jersey, lavender-gray, stretches modestly, smooth like a peach skin