Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sewing for others, meeting with friends


Though I am an old quiet lonely micro pipet user in the deserted laboratory room, I occasionally try to contact with other human beings. Actually I think I love other human beings more than I understand I do. Because I am shallow but I don't know what to do when I show my love to those whom I love, I tend to give them something I'd like. My plan is that they will like my "gift" and eventually they will like me as well. It's a completely one-sided primitive game, as you say!

So, recently,
I sewed a cardigan for my husband. I forced him to put it on and then I dragged him out for shooting pictures. Because I'd love it if it happens to me.

He seemed slightly and shyly happy when we were out for shooting those pictures. He's a man of slightest signs, and his gesture said he was pleased with it at least. I was pleased too! I wish the warmth of my love will reach to his heart, before the weather gets too cold.

pattern: men's cardigan from Annee-patterns (PDF), provided as a special give-away pattern for customers in the past
fabric: probably wool/acrylic, jersey, rough, warm, soft, thick. Brown and ecru, wintry color
about 150cm wide x 1.6m long
18mm buttons

Then I asked a friend of mine, Novita, to meet me for lunch.

I love delicious foods. I love chatting with Novita. So, my plan was that it would be nice if I could "give" her a chance to have fun chatting with her friend (me!) over some delicious food. Selfish and one-sided plan, as always. Anyway, she was very kind to come up and we met at Harajyuku in Tokyo. We had great sandwiches, visited a gallery for a small exhibition for handmade rings (the semi-private exhibition by the jewellery artist was really interesting and also inspiring. there are so many talented people out there!), and enjoyed unstoppable conversations for catching us up. She was pleasant as ever and time flew so fast. It was a good day. I hope it was same through her eyes, sincerely.

I know that I've been sewing quite a lot of easy garments these days. It was because I felt like wearing casual clothes. However, thanks to Novita's beautiful and well tailored coat and dress which were even better in 3D world, I now want to try something nice and elaborate. She gave me a ray of inspiration on that day.

And I went to my bed last night thinking I will never know how I can "give" anything to my beloved people. It seemed so difficult. They always give me very precious things in my heart instead of taking anything away from me whatever I try to give.

Thank you for being there, friends.
Let's sew!


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  1. I've just found your blog and think its charming ! Thanks for taking the time to create this and I look forward to browsing your past posts.
    I love your descriptions.


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