Monday, April 29, 2013

camera tote

I made a tote bag for my camera, using Hatoto bag pattern.
I've been carrying two bags at once for almost one year, one for my DSLR and one for my things, and boy, they're so heavy together. I wanted to have one VERY light bag in which I can put my camera and other thing altogether.

For the outer bag, I used Alcantara that was basically same as polyester synthetic suede named Ultrasuede, or Ecsaine. The bag is lined using plain woven cotton and has 4 interior sections separated by the same fabric. It holds a camera that is protected by a padded compartment in the largest section, and miscellaneous stuff can wander about in the other sections. I bought the red cube compartment from a camera store for sure protection.

There is no fastener for the closure, but there are a tub and a set of magnetic hooks for keeping the bag in shape.

With such features and additional 8 outer pockets, it weighs 400g(=0.88 lbs). It failed becoming light as a feather, but actually it is not bad at all as a camera bag with a padded compartment.

Today, it was a holiday Monday. We went for a hike in the field and I checked if the bag would work well. Honestly, it was working superb. The bag made it much easier to carry my stupidly heavy stuff. It was easy to handle too. I even felt that it was light even though I carried a camera, the other lens, and everything.


pattern: Hatoto bag, dimention altered and pockets and dividers added.
 synthetic suede (Alcantara) 1mm, light orange, 135cm x 1m
 plain cotton, woven, interfaced, light lilac, shirting weight

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  1. So glad disqus is no more, I have often wanted to comment on your lovely creations but have been unable! Your new bag looks like it fulfills your needs perfectly and is a beautiful subtle shade.

  2. It's a great bag! Love the simple lines and the fabric you chose. I also had problems with Disqus on wordpress...I ended up disabling it

  3. Cute bag! Hehe.. all that stuff is pretty heavy to carry. I have a shoulder bag, too, but now I think I need a backpack for the camera and things.

    Looks like a beautiful day!

  4. This bag looks amazing! I really want to make one for myself. I don't bring my DSLR with me very much because I don't want to carry two separate bags.

  5. Amazing bag. simple lines and with the addition of the pockets for storage is perfect. I need one for the very reasons you state.

  6. This is a wonderful idea. i have seen something similar in photography magazines but not as nice as yours. May I borrow your idea and make one? The only thing I would add is a zipper for the compartment where the purse goes.

    1. Valerie, thank you for the lovely comment. Yes do please, and a zipper for security is much better!

  7. It seems to be a very practical bag, and well thought. It's a good idea to have the different compartments. Plus it looks nice. :)

  8. Absolutely lovely bag ... and a great idea. I`m going on a trip soon with my hubby and a bag like this is exactly what I need since I don`t want to carry two bags around all the time (I usually put my camera bag on my hubby`s shoulders, because I don`t feel like carrying it ... ;)). I`m only worried that it would be too soft for camera ... must get fabric that is a bit tougher. :)

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