Saturday, September 7, 2013

my factory

Once in a while, directly or indirectly, publicly or privately, I get sort of requests for showing my sewing environment. Reluctantly saying, I've never be great on responding them. The thing is, my sewing space is too humble to show off. You have to guess me as a single geek sewing in a small corner of a tiny family room with a weird grin on her face. Next to this small bench, I have one rather big folding ironing board that I bought at a thrift store for 100yen 8years ago (this was eyeballing cheap because its electric socket was broken, but I had no problem with replacing it by myself of course. Being geek is cheap.) And some fabrics. And this is all.

I hope you have a very lovely weekend!


MMM'13 Day10

For those who are interested in sewing gear, I use Bernina virtuosa153 dress maker, Babylock BL75, T-fal aquaspeed and unused Mire supersteemer. Therefore I have straight stitches, zig-zag stitches, blind hem stitches, button holes stitches, overlock stitches, cover stitches, a steam iron, and a backup iron for T-fal's sudden breakdown, in the corner.


  1. I love your space -- and what great sewing equipment! I can't wait to get a babylock serger -- it is my dream machine!

  2. It's wonderful to have a space where everything can be left up and ready to sew. Love the light in your room.

  3. I really love your sewing space. Everything is very well organize.

  4. You have a blue butterfly at your sewing station!

    The El Segundo Blue (an endangered butterfly species) is my unofficial mascot.

    1. Yes I have a blue butterfly on the side of my drawer! Though it doesn't have spots on its ventral side (this poor little thing is rather transparent and has only dorsal side being printed), thanks to the site you mentioned and internet search, it seems El Segundo Blue quite much, or it is close species very similar to it. My husband got it for me when he was in some museum in US. So, the love of residents for the butterfly is being spread over the world by a cute way too.

  5. Your sewing space is incredibly tidy.
    I am envious of your wonderful, well-lit creative space.

  6. Even though small, the gorgeous outfits you share with us show that you don't need a large space to sew and create.

  7. What a cozy and organized work space. Your sewing nook has alot of charm, like you.

  8. Lovely space where you produce so many beautiful items. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. OMG you sew in a maxi skirt. Also your space is super clean. Pretty much how I imagined it and reminding me to clean up my area (more often) XD

  10. That's looks like a great spot to create.

  11. I don't think you need a room full of things to sew. For years I sewed in a corner of my bedroom. I think you just need the will to create. Your set up gets the job done so then it's perfect! Thanks for sharing it!


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